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Data security

Data Protection for Survivors of Domestic Abuse

Last month,I wrote an article about different steps that people should take in safeguarding their personal information online. With a spate of recent data breaches at large companies, it’s no surprise that data security is on the top of everyone’s mind. But protecting one’s real-life safety when engaging on digital […]

Business planning

How to Manage Redundancies in a Business

Whether you are making one person or a hundred people redundant, the task is never an easy one. It is rather like throwing a grenade into someone’s carefully ordered life. Most managers hate being handed the poisoned chalice of redundancy news. It is stressful difficult to manage, even for larger […]


3 Steps to Becoming a Successful Forex Trader

While the range of financial products and derivatives that are available on the contemporary market may have increased significantly over the course of the last decade, there are a select few that remain more popular than others. Take the Forex market, for example, which sees an estimated $5.3 trillion dollars […]


Pros and Cons of Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting allows a web hosting account owner to rent out a portion of their server space and bandwidth to other users. Essentially, this means that the account owner then becomes a web hosting provider to their clients. Becoming a web hosting reseller can be a hugely profitable business venture […]