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How Animal Therapy Helps Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer's is a nasty illness and unfortunately there is nothing in medicine that can stop its ever increasing progress, but studies have shown that patients suffering from Alzheimer's who have pets will suffer less and will have health benefits which will only complement their overall state. It does not matter […]


Useful Tips for Carers of Alzheimer’s Patients

An Alzheimer's diagnosis is hard to swallow, for both patient and carer alike. As time goes on and the patient's condition worsens, their memory becomes less and less reliable; they'll start losing things and wandering around, and may even risk putting themselves in danger. Homecare is a great option for those with […]


Why You Need a Patient Advocate

The United States' health care system is complicated - and getting more and more complicated by the day, as the nation adjusts to the changes wrought by the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, which is set to take effect next year. So whether it is you or a loved […]