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Apple iOS 12 is Here!

New features are coming to iOS 12. The recent update will support Apple’s USDZ, the new file format created by Apple to support augmented reality. The USDZ will be first used in a new app, Measure, which you can use to learn about augmented reality. The company hopes the app […]

Travel and living

The Metro Journey

Human beings are both social and curious creatures. The social aspect makes us move from place to place to spend time with those we love, as well as establish new relationships with others who may become our loved ones. The curious aspect makes us desire to explore places we have […]


Earning Money through Internet Marketing

About two billion people use the internet for different purposes. In this cyber age, working from home through internet marketing is a wise idea. One can earn money without making much effort at all. One can promote their business and earn profits through internet marketing in several ways. There is […]


7 Ways Hiring U.S. Immigration Lawyers Can Be Helpful

U.S. Immigration laws are complex, ever-changing and require extensive paperwork. Immigrants are often unclear about the documentation requirements. Many immigrants belong to countries where English is not the first language and face considerable troubles in understanding immigration laws. For all these reasons, it pays to have a professional immigration attorney […]