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What Commodities are Tradable?

Tradable commodities are goods that can be bought and sold and are interchangeable with other similar goods. They are usually traded via future contracts and are divided basically into four groups, consisting of metals, energy, agriculture, and livestock. They are purchased through contracts at prices that have been pre-determined and […]


How to Find the Best Currency Pair to Trade

Whether traders are speculating in trends, breakouts, or ranges, currency pair speculation can be of significant value. Whilst major pairings can offer considerable volatility, often they are not the best markets for traders to voice their opinions. While there are a few major pairings which dominate the volume from many […]


Trading with the Help of a Robot

Trading in the manual mode, even with the best strategy, requires a completely active participation from the trader in order to constantly analyze the market conditions, to predict them and of course, to take decisions in the direction of generating profit. It's not the only way of trading There are […]