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Next Generation of Nintendo

The beginning of the nineties of the past century was marked by the development of consoles with the sixteen-bit system. One such console was the Super Nintendo, which was called the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The release first occurred in the Japanese market, and a year later the console […]


Essentials To Lead Generation

Like a song by The Beatles or a fine-fitting suit, some things never go out of style or lose their sense of relevance. The same can be said for certain aspects of lead generation. Whilst new theories on lead generation are being cooked up and pasted across the web on […]


Marketing to Millennial Generation Consumers

Start with this: you already know what doesn’t work. That list includes just about every arrow in the quiver of the traditional marketer, from print and television ads to banner ads on the web (that, let’s say, they have never actually clicked on) and pretty much every other intrusive plea […]

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Can Lagos 2060 Inspire a Generation of Africans

Lagos 2060 is a sci-fi collection that looks at the Nigerian city of Lagos exactly a century after Nigeria became an independent country. Inspired by DADA books, via a creative writing workshop in Lagos, Ayodele Arigbabu, DADA’s Foundation Director, said that the 2013 collection wasn’t just a case of “aesthetic […]


Generation Gadget: The Top Gadgets For Your Kids

There's no escaping the ongoing gadget revolution. It seems that every week there is a new development in the labs of Apple or Microsoft, hundreds of new apps flooding our iOS and Android devices' stores, different gizmos presenting a whole new host of challenges to master. While our relationships with our gadgets […]


Best Core i7 3rd Generation Laptops

Everyone needs a computer these days. From class projects to entertainment, nothing is done without having a good computer. But portability is a major fact as well, so everyone needs a laptop now. Not all laptops are capable of doing everything, but technology has now reached such a stage where […]