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Challenges of Operating a Restaurant

The restaurant industry is extremely competitive. It’s difficult to be successful and stand out amongst the hundreds, if not thousands, of other restaurants in your local area; whether it’s the food, customer service or brand, customers will consistently critique your restaurant and even the smallest error could stir up a […]

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Luxurious Aspects of Sloane Square

Located 2.1 miles southwest of Charing Cross, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and bordering central London districts of Knightsbridge, Belgravia and Chelsea, Sloane Square is a hard-landscaped square in an area that forms a boundary between the two largest aristocratic estates of Grosvenor Estate and the Cadogan, […]


Agility and Speed are Vital For Manufacturing

Agility and speed are the new stats manufacturing companies have to focus on in today’s connected world. Instead of relying on legacy programs that are painfully outdated, the introduction and adaptation of cloud computing systems has brought about a degree of speed and precision heretofore unseen in the industry. While […]

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Drayage Services: Defining the Delivery

Drayage is referred to as the service the service of delivering goods from one place to another over a short distance but for an overall longer procedure. The trucking companies have always been there providing the solution to complement the import and export procedures. Drayage service essentially addresses […]


Contamination Extermination

Whenever performing an equipment audit, it surprises me to still see poor breathers such as J-Tubes installed in equipment. I have encountered these open breathers in all sorts of equipment from units operating in moist conditions such as steel mills, paper mills, even systems operating outside. In today’s reality, it […]


Sony Leaks Reveal Israel’s Relationship with American Media

[youtube] Wikileaks have published a cache of Sony's internal emails which demonstrate the close relationship between Hollywood executives and the Israeli government and pro-Israeli lobbying groups in the USA. The emails reveal how Sony bosses had dinner with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and how other entertainment execs met […]


Types of Vinyl Swing Sets for Your Backyard

Swing sets can enable children to have hours of fun in the backyard. As children climb on the equipment and swing, slide, etc. they perform exercises, which will help them prevent childhood obesity and the other problems related to it. As a parent, you have several options of selecting backyard […]


Top Indian Fashion Trends in 2015

Fashion is longer a statement of style but a statement of personality and attitude. Trends change with the changing times and social dynamics. Thus fashion trends are keen watched and anticipated. A low down of what lies near the horizon of 2015. A new year knocking on the door it’s […]