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Guidelines on Setting Goals when Selling

A goal is “something toward which effort or movement is directed—an end or objective.” Customers’ goals always involve either achieving a positive result or avoiding a negative one. One of your primary sales responsibilities is to motivate customers to understand their goals. Making goals measurable provides customers with that motivation. Goals […]


The Concept of Advertising in Small Business

Advertising consists of those activities by which visual or oral messages are addressed to selected public for the purpose of informing and influencing them to buy products or services or to act to be inclined favourably toward ideas, persons, trademarks or institutions featured. As contrasted with publicity and other forms […]


Types of Web Hosting Services

Web hosting is one of those core Internet concept that starts out easy and gets insanely confusing as you delve into it. Every website is ‘hosted’ somewhere.In other words, the ‘hosting’ entity runs a mechanism that not only provisions a given website but-most dangerously-makes it possible for other machines around […]


A Beginners Guide to Chargebacks

Sadly, many business owners are ignorant of a deadly setback in the business world when they embark on their new adventure. And unless you've experienced one firsthand, you might still be in the dark. Wonder what we're talking about? Chargebacks. If you aren't careful, chargebacks have the potential to destroy […]


How to Create a Backup Image in Windows 8

Backing up you Windows installation is useful in case of OS failure where no repair options are available. In Windows 8, creating an image of you drive is very easy to do. The OS includes specialized tools that will help you with this task. Once a backup image is created, […]


What Insurance do I need as a New Haulier?

Setting up in any new business may have its initial complications and headaches. The haulage business is no exception. Getting it right may mean the difference between success and failure of your business - or in the case of failing to get the most appropriate HGV insurance, a breach of […]

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Advantages of Using The Fivesquids Service

Fivesquids is a community where students looking to showcase their skills or freelancers and moms working from home in all creative areas or fields can join to boost their earnings. Designed as a micro-jobbing site and online community, Fivesquids allows its members to have fun and share whatever they are […]