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Email Marketing

Make Email Marketing Work for Your Business

I'm sure you've heard this often: "The money is in the list.” The claim is based on the fact that people opting for your marketing messages are more likely to engage offers you send versus a random individual that discovers your website or advertising campaigns. A list is incredibly powerful […]


Keeping the Spark of Love Alive

Being in a relationship may be easier than it seems. It involves a lot of adjustments, small things and changes in your life, so that you become a better partner. Whoever is telling you that everyone should accept you just the way you are is forgetting to tell you that […]


Frankie B. Jeans

Since the 1960s, when jeans became a way item, the denim style has reigned supreme. Denim has become synonymous with comfort and casual wear all around the world. Many of the musical icons, Hollywood and sports stars of the past fifty years have preferred to wear jeans (and often leather […]


Guide on Buying Opal Jewellery

Opals stand out for featuring a magnificent array of shiny hues, complete with iridescent flashes that capture the eye when they are seen from different angles. The beauty of these superb gems is that each stone is unique. If you're looking to buy opal jewellery, the following guide will give […]


How Long Does it Take to Recover from a Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, a procedure better known as a nose job, is generally performed to help the patient achieve a more attractive nose. It can also help treat breathing problems caused by nose structure problems. The procedure involves either changing the shape of bones and cartilage in the nose, or adding tissue, […]


Steps of the Life Settlement Process

Firstly, what is life settlement? According to, "Life settlements involve the sale of a life insurance policy by the policy owner to a third party. Increasingly, senior citizens engage in life settlement contracts because this seems appropriate, based on their personal financial goals. Often, the decision to sell a life insurance […]