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Why Employees Should Know Excel?

Most anyone who has utilized a computer equipped with Microsoft Office has at least some familiarity with the program's spreadsheet application Excel. However, while many people have a basic understanding of Excel software, the full capabilities and usefulness of this application, particularly for businesses, is often overlooked. By understanding all that […]

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Advantages of Using The Fivesquids Service

Fivesquids is a community where students looking to showcase their skills or freelancers and moms working from home in all creative areas or fields can join to boost their earnings. Designed as a micro-jobbing site and online community, Fivesquids allows its members to have fun and share whatever they are […]


Time Management Tips for Lawyers

The “Time” element means a lot to professionals, especially lawyers who manage innumerable clients, hearings, and in between fulfill the needs of their family and friends. Add the socializing component and you will know how difficult it must be to manage all the chores. In such a scenario where time […]


The Prospering Arms Industry

The Stockholm Institute for Peace Research’s, also known as SIPRI, Yearbook summarizes in 2013 the global sales of arms and military services of the 100 biggest companies of arms and military equipment for 2011. The amount of sales of these one hundred companies was 465.770 million in 2011, versus 411 […]


How to Deal with an Unfair Dismissal

Losing a job is a harrowing experience for anyone, and if you feel this was unfair, then it will probably sting even more. Unfair dismissal is a complex situation to deal with, but if you really have been dismissed unfairly then it is your right to seek compensation for the […]


What Successful People Really Do

If you ask any inventor out there, of course they would say that they want success and want to be successful at their chosen career paths. However, the simple truth is that while everyone may want success, there aren't enough people who are willing to put in the hard work […]