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Simple Tips to Take Care of Your Ankles

The ankle plays a key role in allowing movement and stabilizing the foot and lower leg. Considering the complexity of the joint and the strain it endures every day, it is no surprise that many people experience ankle problems at some point in their lives. Although some traumatic ankle injuries […]


Make Your Garden a Wildlife Haven

The weather appears to be improving and Spring is in the air making it the perfect time to get outside in the fresh air to get our gardens in shape and ready for the warmer months ahead. If you are keen to welcome wildlife into your garden and create a […]


A Brief History of Spam

[youtube] We think of spam as a modern problem, coming about as a direct result of the internet's rapid explosion in the eighties and nineties. Evidence suggests, though, that unwanted contact to a multitude of random strangers in the hopes of financial gain is much older than we might […]


How Jaw Structure Affects Your Appearance

Innumerable factors impact the appearance of the face. Genetics influence different aspects, including nose shape, the angles of the jaw and forehead, eye color, plumpness of cheeks and skin tone. Age plays a critical role in the shaping of the jaws as well, as do environmental factors such as chewing […]