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7 Benefits to Hosted Business Phone Systems

Business owners are constantly looking for innovative ways to save money while improving productivity in the workplace. Though there are plenty of technological resources that can accommodate both of these needs, determining which one will benefit your business the most can be trying. While every business has different needs, one […]

Data security

Popular Information Security Trends for 2015

Cybercriminals have new tricks every year and it is very important to stand up against them. Any network can become a target for cybercriminals. Keeping a network safe is a difficult challenge and it requires hard work. Because of the poorly secured computers we sometimes leave much space open for […]


SMIR.CH Launched by Gnosis Media Group

The Google SMS search service was a great way to search for information using any mobile phone. All you needed to do was type a few text based commands followed by a query word and Google would return back a text providing the information you were looking for. This service […]


Alternatives to PBX or Hosted Phone Systems

In today's business world, everyone's looking for some way to get ahead. Whether that means cutting costs in seemingly unimportant areas, or finding new, cheaper, more exciting means to fix everyday problems, there's always someone looking for a way up the ladder, and this includes phone systems. Because of rising […]