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WinX MediaTrans Software Review

WinX MediaTrans is one of the top alternatives for iTunes when it comes to copying content from your computer to an Apple device. iTunes is Apple’s proprietary software, but it is far from perfect. Not only is it slow in synchronizing content, but also has several other drawbacks.

In the following rows, we are going to review WinX MediaTrans, which is perhaps one of the top alternatives to iTunes. It is a small software which is much faster and features some advanced capabilities that make it worth the money. However, a free trial is available, which you can download and test the software before buying.

How to use WinX MediaTrans

After you have downloaded and installed WinX MediaTrans on your computer, you will be asked to connect your Apple device to the computer and the main scree will show up. Here you have a plethora of options as you can see in the screenshot below.

WinX MediaTrans Features and Capabilities

  • The main features include:
  • Music manager
  • Video manager
  • DRM removal capabilities
  • Flash drive
  • Ringtone creator
  • Video converter
  • Photo and audio transfer
  • Batch import and export
  • Fast encoding

The music manager allows you to transfer music over to the computer. This is something you cannot do with iTunes. WinX MediaTrans makes this process a bliss. The music manager also allows you to do edits to the details of the audio files you want to transfer, within the software itself. This is particularly important if, for example, you want to mix songs in playlists or create new playlists. This process usually takes a couple of seconds and it is done automatically.

The video manager allows you to transfer video files over the computer. The process is automatic and the videos are accurately labeled according to the original source.

The flash drive is a particular and important new feature that was added recently. It allows you to turn your device into a flash drive. Hence, you can store and share media files via your device with any computer that has WinX MediaTrans installed on it.

WinX MediaTrans has a unique feature that allows you to batch transfer files from device to the computer and all the way round.

In case you transfer video files to the device, you will need to encode them in order to be playable on your device. WinX MediaTrans can do this for you within a few clicks.

With WinX MediaTrans you can also remove DRM, sync music and files, make ringtones, and even convert videos from one format to another via the built-in video converter. Also, you can create playlists, edit old playlists or delete playlists you no longer need.

Final words

After thorough testing and analysis of the software, we concided that WinX MediaTrans is worth the money and it can do a great job in a timely manner. It can easily replace iTunes, so you will no longer have any of the headaches and restrictions iTunes use supposes. You can get WinX MediaTransfer for free and test it.

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