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Win an Iphone 6 just in time for Christmas!

beenarAn innovative and fun auction site Beenar is having an exciting promotion from now until Christmas (Xmass) allowing registered users the opportunity to earn any one of the free Tablets being given away daily or win one of the 10 Iphone 6 plus smartphones to be awarded on Christmas eve.

The site is a new take on e-commerce, combining not only competitive bidding with the site's currency (Beez) and USD, but also fun! The site allows you to earn credits (Beez) through multiple avenues including recruiting friends and family to join the site, answering trivia questions and participating in Bonus Auctions. These are just some of the ways to earn Beez on the site. Beez are then used in the bidding process in the auctions. A unique feature of the site is that if you are the winning bidder you may opt for either the product or the cash value of the product that you have won!

To reward active participation in the auctions on the site, from now through December 23 registered users (registration is quick and easy using a social media account or email https://www.beenar.com/signup ) can earn to a free Chromo Inc® 7″ Tablet, with one being awarded each day to the most active user during any given day. The more days you are active the greater your chances of winning in the final drawing. The winner each day of the free tablet is the most active participant in the auctions on the site. There is no luck or chance. The formula to calculate who is the most active user is clearly described on the site along together with the Christmas promotion details, rules, terms and conditions (https://www.beenar.com/pages/xmas-promotion).

In addition, the top 20 most active participants each day are entered into the drawing to be held on December 24 through an independent, verifiable source (Random.org) for one of 10 Iphone 6 Plus SMARTPHONES. Verifying the fairness and integrity of the drawing can be done very easily through the independent, third-party administrator of the drawing (Random.org).

In the case of both the tablets and the Iphone, just like the other products on the site, users can opt for the merchandise or the cash value of the same to be credited to their account to be used in future auctions.

Registration is quick and easy. Beenar.com is simple to navigate and to understand. It offers video tutorials, "Webeenar" and FAQs available as well as the possibility to contact customer service via Skype, online form, email, telephone, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Take a moment or two now to register on the site, learn quickly how to participate in the auctions and begin taking part in the fun and excitement that the site offers, as well as the incredible promotions going on now through Christmas!

If you have any questions, please ask below!