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Web Applications in 2015

2015Gone are the days when a webpage was a static page that was simply used to relay information about a company. Thanks to web applications, websites are a group of dynamic and interactive pages that can retrieve and store information about web visitors, providing a better range of content to suit specific browsers. Web pages are frequently used by marketers to create profiles of their visitors and to communicate better with those visitors in order to understand their needs. They have also helped to transform the World Wide Web into a dynamic marketplace where people can easily and quickly purchase goods from online suppliers.

Web Applications in 2014

Program designers were a very busy lot in 2014, as they worked around the clock to produce website applications that would make it easier for online businesses and companies to interact with their visitors. A lot of these applications were geared towards social interactions that would help companies to engage with their users through all the major social media networks. There were also a lot of web apps that were developed for popular Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Joomla.

HTML5 reached its peak in 2014, and a lot of web developers began to toy with it in order to discover what else it can do. Therefore, a lot of the new web applications in 2014 explored the new features in HTML5. The web applications supported video and audio APIs, WebRTC, and image manipulation amongst others.

However, one of the biggest web application trends in 2014 was the increased popularity of the Cloud. More and more applications surrendered their control to a central server, or a cloud, which stored information and controlled interactions. The cloud became absolutely necessary in BYOA and BYOD environments, as it was a central control point.

What can we expect in 2015?

The website applications in 2014 created a framework, and web designers are expected to build up on this in 2015. 2015 will see more innovation and creativity in the application designs and functionality. At Soul Digital we will look to offer an even better user experience, and the best web applications will be developed to improve targeted content in a bid to drive sales. Technology experts have big predictions for 2015. There are people that believe that interactive diagrams and information will replace the popular infographics or 2014. SEO experts believe that video will become even more compelling in 2015 because people prefer watching videos to reading texts. Therefore, web designers will incorporate compelling videos that will tell stories and evoke emotions.

2015 may also see less coding and more websites as applications are developed to help people with little coding knowledge to create stunning and interactive websites. There will also be more scrolling and less clicking, as scrolling has been found to be more intuitive and it reduces the amount of time that is wasted when loading pages.

Another web app trend that will reach its peak in 2015 is the use of ghost buttons. These buttons are very minimal and stylish, and they have a hover animation that makes them delightful and innovative. There will also be increased micro-interaction web apps that will promote engagement with web visitors without interrupting their browsing experience.

Web widgets and applications are changing every day as website owners discover new ways to interact and engage with their visitors. These web apps are making it easier for website owners to collect information and to do business online. This trend will not slow down anytime soon, as 2015 will see an increased use of website applications all over the Internet.

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