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VidPaw – Software Review

VidPaw is an online platform that allows you to download online videos free of charge. If you are a fan of streaming videos, a YouTube addict or spend a considerable amount of time online on websites with videos, you will love this software because it is convenient and super easy to use.

Anywhere Anytime

As an online platform, VidPaw allows you to access it from anywhere in the world provided you have an internet connection. There are other software for downloading online videos, but you have to buy and install them in your machine or download and install them. Things are different with VidPaw. You don’t have to buy, download or install it.

That also means you get to save your system resources. All you need is the online video that interests you, and VidPaw lets you get just that without breaking a sweat or making you jump through pointless hoops. Just go online and search “VidPaw” using your favorites search engine.

The link to the website will probably be the first result you get once the search is complete.

Alternatively, you can bookmark the site and access it easily from your device.

Super Easy Downloads

Anyone who has ever used a computer is familiar with “copy-paste”. Downloading videos with VidPaw is as easy as that – just copy the URL or link to the video you want to download,

Paste it on the VidPaw website,

And you will be presented with options for choosing a preferred file type.

Identify the file type you prefer and hit download. That’s it. What else do you want?

File Types

VidPaw online video downloader allows you to choose from the most used video file types available online: MP4, MP3, 3GP, and WebM. Furthermore, you can even just extract the audio from the video of interest by selecting audio as your file type. If the video you are after has subtitles, this fantastic online platform allows you to include them in your download.


With VidPaw, you can download videos from 144p all the way to 720p. 720p is standard HD for most screens today. I also recommend it because you get high quality videos that are clear enough for you to appreciate and small enough to take just a tiny amount of hard disk space on your device.

Online videos, mainly from YouTube can be very addictive. You are watching one thing, then you see another interesting suggestion, and you want to download that one also; then you see another interesting related video, and you want that too; and before you know it, you are just downloading videos endlessly. In such a case, it helps when you are using an app that not only gives you options for the file size of the videos you want but also gives you really small video sizes while maintaining the quality of the video.

What If I Use my Phone to Watch Videos?

For Android users, there is the VidPaw app that enables you to download your favorite online videos the same way the main version of the app does. Whether you are using your laptop, desktop, or smartphone, with VidPaw, you are covered as long as downloading online videos is concerned.

You can see that with this app, your days of struggling with downloading online videos will be over. Not only is it free but as you can see from what I’ve explained so far, this software is very easy to use. If you have ever been troubled with downloading online videos or the current app you have is not working well for you, consider VidPaw; it’ll make life easier for you and your friends – you’ll share with them high quality videos, at small sizes.

We also recommend Airy: Ultimate YouTube Downloader for Mac

Airy is an all-in-one, powerful YouTube downloader solution available for Mac and PC. It checks off three important factors of any versatile YouTube downloader: functionality, convenience, and user interface. Airy offers an incredibly smooth and high quality downloading experience without compromising on aesthetics. Download videos in ultra HD, choose from video or audio formats, no limits on video lengths, download videos and full playlists in batches to save time, get access to age-restricted or private videos, integrate with your browser for even quicker lightning speed downloading, and even more. There’s so much to say about Airy, you’d have to try it for yourself to really feel it’s ultimate power. It’s arguably one of the best YouTube video downloaderfor Mac.

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