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UniConverter: AVI To MP4: Why You Need To Make The Conversion

Nowadays, videos have become everyone’s best friend. People do not even realize when they spend hours every day watching videos online. But stats are there to open their eyes. According to the records, over 1 billion hours of videos are watched every day, and that is only for YouTube. There are several such platforms. So it is clear that video is the most popular form of content delivery. However, not all videos are equal. Some of them are watched by millions of users, while others stay at a few hundred views. What makes these videos different are two factors, content and quality. Where content depends on a person’s talent, quality can be made better with proper tools. Quality plays a vital role because no one likes to watch videos that are low in quality, irrespective of how good the content is.

The very first thing that decides the quality of a video is its format. There are various file formats in which videos are available. Each of those formats has its own uses and benefits. So it would not be right to say that only one of them is the best. Instead, we can say that a particular format is the best fit for a specific use. Here is a comparison of the most popular video file formats named AVI and MP4. We will also include the conversion process of AVI to MP4 with UniConverter, which will make people’s work easy.

AVI and MP4: A Clear Comparison

Most people who watch videos and who make them prefer the MP4 format. With this comparison, people can get a clear idea of why MP4 stands on the higher shelf. But before that, let’s see the origin of these file formats along with their particular uses.

AVI: Developed in the early 1990s, AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave. In the initial phase, AVI was the default format used in most of the significant camera brands. Also, this format is supported in almost all platforms like PC, mobiles, tablets, etc., making it highly efficient.

MP4: It came into existence in the early 2000s, and became popular instantly. MP4 is short for MPEG-4 Part 14 and was developed by Apple for its QuickTime player. However, the use was not limited to there. Both macOS and Windows supports the file format, and it was also the perfect fit for a vast range of players. That factor still stands true.

Comparison: That brings us to the comparison of the two video file formats, AVI and MP4. While they both are impressively good, here are a few points that make MP4 better than AVI.

  • Easy Sharing: As mentioned above, videos are the most preferred video file format. And for people to watch them online, someone needs to share them first. For that purpose, MP4 stands better than AVI because of two reasons. First, many online platforms allow only MP4 formatted videos to be uploaded or shared. Second, streaming and upload of MP4 videos are faster than the AVI files. These two points make MP4 more suitable for online file sharing.
  • Better Size: As people watch, download, and share videos online, these videos need to be of moderate size. Otherwise, it becomes a hectic process to upload, download, or stream the videos. MP4 leads again in this aspect, as the AVI files are generally higher in size.

These points make MP4 better for modern-day video requirements as compared to the AVI video file format.

Converting MP4 to AVI

Now that people know the benefit of MP4 over AVI, the next step is to covert all their files using the online UniConverter. This tool enables them to convert all their video files in only three simple steps. Many people would be concerned about the quality of their videos while converting them. They should know that they will face no quality issues with the UniConverter tool. It converts all files efficiently while maintaining their quality.

The three steps of the tool include.

Step 1: Upload

As it is an online process, people need to upload their AVI formatted video files to the UniConverter tool.

It is clear from the image mentioned above, people can easily drag and drop their files on to the online UniConverter tool. It makes their work easy.

Step 2: Convert

The UniConverter tool is used for many types of video file conversions. So, while doing the conversion, people need to select the file’s output type, which in this case, is MP4.

They can also click on the ‘notify me’ box and leave the conversion process running in the back. The tool will notify automatically when the videos would be ready to download. Another benefit is that people can convert several files at the same time with this tool. The duration of conversion will depend on the number and size of the selected file.

Step 3: Download

The final step is to download all the converted files. Once the converted MP4 file is downloaded on the system, it can be used for any purpose, like sharing and uploading. People can also choose to save the files to Dropbox instead of downloading them on their systems.

With these three easy steps, the entire work of conversion is done. Also, they can personally check that their file’s quality is maintained during the conversion.


Videos carry an emotional value with them, and that is why people are able to connect with the videos better. When they understand the content better, they like it more. Further, people who can not read can watch and understand videos. Therefore, video content generators have a more significant range of audiences as compared to any other content delivery method.

However, these video generators need to ensure that both their videos’ content and quality are on point. Because, with the huge demand, there is also a huge competition between the video generators. For better quality videos, they can use the MP4 video file format. If they have AVI files with them, which are generated with old cameras, they can convert them to MP4 using the UniConverter tool. So their work would become more manageable, and they will be able to get more views on their videos online.

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