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Typeform.com – Review

gegtwgrwtPolls and surveys are forms we often use to find out people’s opinions and preferences. Polls even enable us to choose who we want as our next leader for the country or an organization, and surveys enable us to get people’s opinions and feedback about assorted things of interest. These data collection methods are essential due to the function they provide in enabling organizations to collect vital information to enable them to grow. However, not everyone finds them interesting to fill. It’s for this reason that Typeform emerged and offered a fun, interesting and engaging way of collecting data from customers, clients, and the general public. Let’s look at the various features and reasons behind this game-changing online form platform.

Mobile Ready

Most people today access the internet with some kind of mobile device. If you want people to take a survey or engage in a poll of some kind, then it makes sense that you make it easier for them to access it. Offering them a way to access the poll or survey from whatever device they are using or are fond of using then is a considerate thing to do. Even when someone isn’t willing to participate, knowing that it’s easy and it won’t require any special devices in a way motivates them. Typeform gives you exactly this capability. With this online form platform, you can make a poll and prepare surveys of different kinds and have those you want to participate access them from any device they are using. This is not only time saving but also very convenient for your intended audience.

User Interface

Perhaps the most interesting and conspicuous feature of Typeform is its interface. Just do it right now, visit typeform.com and look at the interface that will greet you. It’s really elegant and appealing. And it doesn’t stop there. Typeform presents you with a really user-friendly interface and makes it easy to create feature rich polls, surveys, and alternative forms.

There are tons of templates to choose from to create whatever kind of form you want to create. You can create any kind of questionnaire, surveys, and polls, and there are templates for any of these forms that you can come up with. Furthermore, these templates are fully customizable. You can make them your own to the extent of matching them to the brand of your organization.


Something everyone who has used Typeform to do something can’t help noticing is the amazing features it has for forms. We are talking about customizing buttons with images, and gifs, and embedding videos in your form. You should have a look at some of the sample forms at typeform.com and you’ll be amazed by what you see. These features really make your forms come alive. They make your forms really interactive, and engaging. It not only makes people interested in what you are looking for, but it also gives them the urge to interact with the form and discover what else is there. Before they know it, they have completed the poll or survey, but something is still missing; they wanted to go on. More questions, please!

Most people who have worked with some of the forms from Typeform have also appreciated the one question at a time nature of the forms. Most people report that this aspect of the forms makes them feel more relaxed, and since the questions are very interactive and engaging, they never realize when the form has come to an end until they notice that there are not more questions. Most of them feel disappointed. They were having so much fun L!

The templates are beautiful even without any tweaking or customization, the forms are super interactive and engaging, and the interface is really smooth; I bet you didn’t even realize you needed these stuff in a form? These guys created a need where none existed, and they got you addicted to it.

Pay for what you need

You can create forms, surveys, polls, questionnaires, or alternative documents for free at typeform.com. So if you don’t need any of the extra amazing features, you can do without them. Be that as it may, there are times when you may need the extra features depending on your situation. Typeform offers the opportunity to only subscribe to a plan that suits your current situation. If you only need any of the extra and advanced features for a month, then you can just pay for that, and after the month, you won’t be bothered again. That is a good deal to me.

Typeform is a company that has revolutionized how online forms are created and presented to people. Its forms are super interactive and engaging. In fact, most people feel like the forms were created specifically for them. The friendly user interface and the customizability provided by the online form’s platform application are unheard-of. Typeform has set the pace for the future of online forms.

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