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Tuneskit M4V Converter: How to Convert Movies and Tv Shows from iTunes for Non-Apple Devices

Apple products are notorious for being proprietary. Videos and Tv-Series from iTunes are great for viewing but it’s disappointing when you want to copy and share them with non-Apple user’s, only to be bombarded with Fairplay DRM protection issues. However, those frustrating days have ended, thanks to a Tuneskit iTunes DRM removal software for Windows. If you would like to share videos from iTunes with your family and friends regardless of the devices they have, you are reading the right article. Let me show you how.

Introducing Tuneskit M4V Converter for Windows

With this unique software, you cannot only remove the Fairplay DRM protection from iTunes videos but you can also convert them to readable formats for other devices like androids.

It may occur to you that it’s difficult to remove DRM protection from iTunes videos because “they are from Apple”, but it’s not, at least not with this software.

It comes with a simple, user-friendly, and intuitive interface that makes getting rid of this frustrating hindrance a walk in the park.

As you may have figured by now, Tuneskit M4V Converter for Windows is for Windows-based systems. Nonetheless, there is a Mac version for Mac users. This review focuses on the Windows platform.

Main Features

Losslessly get rid of iTunes DRM Protection

It’s one thing getting rid of DRM protection and it’s another maintaining the quality of the videos you acquired from iTunes. Fans of iTunes are into it because it has high-quality videos at reasonable sizes.

Tuneskit M4V Converter maintains the quality of the videos it removes the DRM protection from so that you can share them with your family and friends, as clear and flawless as you got them from iTunes. It doesn’t matter whether you rented or bought the videos from iTunes, it will unlock them all.

Convert DRM Protected iTunes Videos to Other Formats

With Tuneskit M4V Converter for Windows, you can also convert your DRM protected videos from iTunes to other formats for other devices. You can convert the videos to MP4, M4V, AVI, or MOV among others, and share them with devices from brands like Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, HTC, Nokia Lumia, or other devices that can read these formats.

In addition, the software also preserves the initial stereo audio, AC3 5.1 surround sound, AD tracks, chapter intro, closed captions, and subtitles of the iTunes videos. You won’t lose any aspect of the videos – if that’s your concern.

Video Effects

As if removing the DRM protection from iTunes videos and converting them is not enough, Tuneskit M4V Converter for Windows also comes equipped with an inbuilt video editor. It enables you to add watermarks, cut videos, or include subtitles in your videos to customize them. You can also modify the size of the videos (if those in iTunes are not small enough), change the video codec or bit rate, and adjust various other video settings. It’s a simple but robust software that gives you unexpected control over iTunes videos.

Using Tuneskit M4V Converter for Windows

Don’t expect a long process because using the software involves three simple steps.

  1. Assuming that you have the software installed in your Windows-based system, launch it and click “Add files” from the simple icons at the top of the interface. Alternatively, you can drag and drop files into the interface as it OBVIOUSLY suggests. A dialog box will show up giving you the chance to select the source of the files – iTunes.

  1. Once you have selected your files, the interface will load them, giving you the option to choose the audio tracks, subtitles, output format, and output folder. Adjust each setting accordingly.

  1. Click “Convert” and your DRM free iTunes videos will be ready in no time.

Simple, right?

Tip! The software will confirm whether iTunes is installed in your Windows system the first time you install it. It needs iTunes to access files from the platform. Install iTunes in advance or prior to using the software for the first time for the best experience.

We live in a digital age and we love to share the interesting videos we find, regardless of whence they came. Tuneskit M4V Converter for Windows will remove the Fairplay DRM protection from iTunes videos, giving you the opportunity to share them freely with your family and friends, regardless of the devices they use.

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