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Spyhuman Version 12 Review

FWEQFEQRSpy Human is a spy ware that delivers information and activities in the phone it is installed on. You can get all the information you need about the app from the Spy Human Home Page where you have links to its features, installation guide and its use.


SpyHuman is raved to be an extremely powerful tracking application with the following features they are:

1. Call logs tracker

2. Text message monitoring

3. Location tracker

4. Contact Book

5. Social media monitoring

6. Web monitoring

7. Live (GPS) monitoring

8. File manager

9. Device information

10. Control panel

11. Application history

In a nutshell, you are able to do all this in stealth mode as you don’t even notice that the app is installed on your device.

Installation guide

SpyHuman is supported by any android which is 3.0 or higher and can work anywhere in the world because it counts on the Internet. To install it you need to be physically in contact with it and remember to use your own credentials. This is the SpyHuman App install guide which can be short listed in 4 simple steps.

1. Pre-installation configuration

Configure the device to accept downloads of applications from unknown sources and improve detection of harmful apps in the settings.

2. App installation

Use your SpyHuman login details to download the application and give permissions for the app in the device. It takes around 20 minutes to process and get uploaded on the SpyHuman server.

3. Post-installation configuration

You also have to make sure that the device has access to internet connection for you to get the data that you require as it is synchronized with the SpyHuman server.

4. Permissions


Steps to uninstall SpyHuman from the targeted phone are: –

1. Log in to the app in the device

2. Go to the configuration page which is found at the right corner of the admin panel

3. Check uninstall code

4. Dial it on the target mobile

5. Click uninstall

Remote Uninstall:

This is for when the uninstall code does not work. You head to the remote control section, click on the disable stealth mode (only when the device is online). Click on secure service (or system service) on the menu, click on uninstall. That should uninstall the app from the device.

Unfortunately, one cannot uninstall the device remotely because you need to have physical access to the target device to dial a unique code.

You have to first ensure that the device is able to accept installation from unknown sources, you can then proceed to install this app which will allow you to eavesdrop on your loved one.


SpyHuman is set to be a parental controlling or employee monitoring application which is legal. You, however, need to follow these rules:

1. Your kids need to be underage.

2. If it is being used to monitor employees, they need to be aware that the application is being monitored

3. You must be the owner of the device.

The company maintains that all the responsibility in terms of authorization entirely lies on the owner of the device and you must work out the necessary jurisdictional facts.

Product Subscription

You have the ability to test run the app for free before purchasing it and you can pay using a Visa card or Master card. You can check your subscription in the information section under User type details. There are two namely VIP which is the premium account and Free.

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