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Securenetshop.com Review

FWEFWEQInternet security, especially when it comes to purchasing items, is increasingly becoming an issue that affects everyone-even middle and low -class shoppers. Everyday we seem to hear about yet another breach of information, often from large firms and businesses but many of us have fallen victim to similar instances or know someone in our personal lives who have. Petty theft is not the only thing to fear, as identity theft can be even more insidious and harder to end. In either case, the culprits are rarely prosecuted because they can be so hard to track and the victim is only sometimes reimbursed as the charges can be so difficult to prove.

Of course, this Internet crime not only affects shoppers but honest businesses as well. People are afraid to shop online at websites for these reasons and that scares away customers. Many webmasters do all they can to ensure this sort of thing does not happen to their customers and one of the most important steps is making sure they have a secure Internet shopping cart.

A shopping cart may come with all sorts of features but its primary purpose is to handle visitors’ business transactions. Most also allow merchants to accept credit cards as one of their basic services (this feature may cost extra on some carts, though). If you are unable to accept credit cards, you could be losing as much as 80% of all impulse sales! Many shopping carts also accept PayPal and, increasingly, BitCoin as well.

With this offer, you also get FREE Fraud Screening, Payment Gateway Setup, Online Sales Tracking and Reporting, and Sales Receipts. Furthermore, it is incredibly easy to install on your website but, should you encounter any issues, technical support is available weekdays during normal business hours. This customer support is also there to answer any other questions you have and address issues you may encounter-both during and after installation.

By signing-up today, you can start accepting all major credit cards within 24 hours and most of the prohibitive startup costs will be waived. Your customers will be able to use their credit cards at your site without worrying about their safety and you will not miss-out on 75% to 80% of your potential business!

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