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SANeForce Pharma CRM: Advantages of Sales Force Automation Software For Pharmaceutical Companies

CRM is defined as an automated process that mechanizes and includes distinguishing parts of many business processes starting from client contact administration, representative execution assessment to handling of sales estimates. Pharma CRM connects every simple component of the business and allows a consistent flow of information through various branches that would otherwise require tedious conceptualization over different levels. So CRM in businesses is considered as one of the most vital and indispensable software for all effective organizations. Stringent healthcare reforms, unstable market changes, and stiff global competition make pharmaceutical companies perform best at any cost. That’s why various pharma companies have been supercharging their marketers and sales representatives with Pharma Field force software to help optimize the performance and utilize the most out of the resources. Pharma companies should strive to obtain excellent effective results by utilizing data analysis to empower extensive effectiveness and custom-made marketing and sales solutions. SANeForce offers world-class sales and marketing software development for handling all necessary data at the exact moment with the highest accurate efficiency. Pharma Field Force software helps various customers to expand their revenue and profits by adding the required features and functions for planning, tasking reporting, and data analytics.

The importance of Pharma sales force automation in many organizations has produced:

  • 60% increase in sales closures
  • 28% decrease in sales cycle timing
  • 24% drop in sales administration time

These are substantial reasons for utilizing Pharma Field Force Software for your business in the modern scenario if you look forward to staying at the top of your game. SANeForce offers unique software development and design software with robust feature and function combinations that allow pharma marketers to perform to the maximum. Our software includes expertise in pharmaceutical software development that will allow sales and marketing to make their product marketing plans and campaigns, obtain 360-degree real-time insights, achieve in-depth authentic product awareness, provide adequate replies to customer queries, remain aware of industry-specific updates, and regulatory changes.

Let’s explore how Pharma Field force software brings a plethora of benefits for pharma companies:

  • Precise data records – Sales representatives in organizations undergo multiple appointments with various HCPs where every discussion varies according to nature, demands, and preferences. Chances are that the sales reps may fail to keep up with all the data in mind and store it down exactly for future visits. This can be avoided with CRM software that allows the sales reps to upload any sort of data, be it in the form of text, picture, or audio for every discussion held with an HCP.
  • Meeting deadlines becomes easy – It’s possible for the sales rep to forget to meet a physician according to the actual schedule. These errors are considered no exception, but the consequences will be poor that can negatively impact the sales reps’ performance and make the HCPs upset about effectiveness. But with Pharma Sales Force Automation the sales reps can now easily access the appointment with HCPs and allocate tasks. It also encourages the clients to get their requests in an orderly manner, which generates consumer loyalty and makes them increasingly steadfast to the organization.
  • Easy and precise Input distribution management – The gifts and sample distribution have been a part of many pharma product sales services in order to engage the HCPs by making them consider the products. But, the gifts and sample distribution management remains quite cumbersome for sales reps. Now Pharma Sales Force Automation software comes to the rescue. This software shows the distribution chart by determining the samples and gifts for different HCPs, enables tracking of the total number of samples and gifts, and even checks if there is any availability of reports to optimize the distribution operations.
  • Effective performance tracking by Pharma SFE – All in all the field force management has become a task for the manager sitting inside the four walls of the office. But instead, the manager can easily try to motivate and inspire the entire sales team, but actually tracking them on the field is beyond their possibility. SANeForce CRM enables the managers to allocate the task, check their performance, then prioritize the tasks based on the individual’s performance, and ensure it’s completed. This incorporates a sense of commitment and dedication to the team and mitigates the probability of failure to meet the goals.

Even though there are lots of pharma SFA plentily available in the market, selecting one of them for your organization is a quite difficult task. SANeForce Pharma CRM is fully equipped and designed to automate all the daunting sales and marketing tasks such as providing hyper-intelligent dashboards and reports, remote detailing, Self E- Learning, RCPA analysis, forecast analysis, inventory management, order management, contact management and more.

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