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PrivateWriting.com Review

Untitled-2We are living in the digital age, an age where information is king. Over the last couple of years, the advent and subsequent explosion of the worldwide web brought with it an insatiable demand for content. Privatewriting is a website that has risen to the occasion in a bid to satisfy this ever-growing demand for content. Launched in 2005, privatewriting.com specializes mainly on academic content. Their market niche ranges from high school students, undergrads, post-graduate students, all the way to PhD level.

Talking Points. URL: First of all, the URL is simple and easy to remember. The site is also easily accessible from all search engines.

Website layout, Color, Fonts & Design: This website would appeal to anyone, technical background or not. The layout is simple but still very effective. Everything is easy to find which leaves a visitor feeling very comfortable and well taken care of. They have made a point of being direct and straight to the point, you are not barraged with an overhaul of information. The design itself is very professional and you can tell that a lot of thought went into the selection of colors and fonts.

I love how the orange, gold and white go together, merging seamlessly into the navy blue background. The site has just the right amount graphics which is great because it enables fast loading. At the right of the homepage is a short video, which at first had fooled me into thinking it was an image… quite pleasant and thoughtful. This design is consistent throughout all the pages of the website which gives you a sense of completion and wholeness.

Navigation: As I mentioned earlier, it is easy to navigate this site because all the links are right there on the homepage. It was a good idea to condense all hyperlinks containing information that a visitor may need to access at the bottom of the screen, so be on the lookout for that.

The links are all easily visible and well color-coordinated which is a plus. Having all the contact information at the top of the homepage is a nice touch since you do not have to go to another page. During my visit to the site, and at the time of writing this review, all links where working perfectly. Content: As they say, ‘content is the “meat and potatoes” of any website’. Well this is an area that privatewriters.com have definitely gotten right.First of all ,the intent of the website is very clear.

Assuming that you are first-time visitor, or someone whojust happened to stumble upon the site… one thing is for sure, you’ll leave knowing fully what business they’re in (custom content writing). Secondly, they have made no bones about telling you exactly why they are better than their competitors. On the left side of your screen you will see a list of 10 reasons explaining why they are the better option, not to mention in the video I mentioned earlier.

They have also gone ahead to point out the fact that they are Paypal Verified amongst other accreditations.

Services: Well these folks sure talk a big game, but how good is their service really? On looking around for online reviews about this site, I found mostly positive reviews. On one forum in particular (sitejabber), 67% of those who shared their experience had only good things to say. Company Information If you’re interested in knowing them a little bit better, click on the ‘About Us’ tab at the bottom of your screen. There, they have even listed their physical address.

From my point of view, my first impression was that they look like a credible business, definitely worth trying out. Customer Support: Another interesting thing about this website is the live support feature at the top right hand side of your screen. This instant messaging feature basically allows you to chat with a customer care representative. However, at the time of writing this review, all agents were still offline/unavailable. This is really cool and thoughtful… if it actually works.

All is not lost though, these guys have made a point of including all their contact information at the top of the screen which includes a toll-free number for US clients. Overall, the privatewriters.com boasts all the hallmarks of a good website.

It’s the simple things that make the site what it is; proper grammar, depth, striking a balance between keeping the visitor long enough while providing sufficient information, navigability and the general ease of the experience. One can tell that a lot of heart went into the creation of this site.

URL: http://www.privatewriting.com/

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