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pCloud Review – Cloud Storage Redefined

Cloud Storage is all the rage now. Cloud storage solutions are not only used as backup options but also to make sure that the files are available to access wherever you go. Even though cloud storage is considered safer than other traditional storage media, it is also plagued by a few security issues. If you aren’t really cautious while choosing your cloud service, it will end up costing you more due to data loss.

pCloud is a service in the cloud storage segment which is gaining a lot of popularity amongst internet users lately. It comes with exceptional data storage services that will help you to store your media files and documents online. The service is easy to use and has top notch security. Sharing possibilities in the app has some unique functions in addition to what apps like Dropbox and Google drive provides.


pCloud Storage:

pCloud is like any other cloud storage service that lets you store your files online but comes with more features. pCloud is cross platform and is available for many platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. which is essential for any cloud storage service . pCloud comes with versatile plans for your business and personal needs. It comes with some new features as well.

#1 pCloud does not use your device storage

pCloud creates a virtual drive on your system that works similar to your physical drive. Just copy your files to it and it will be uploaded to the cloud. You can even stream videos in your cloud drive to your device seamlessly. It functions like a physical drive but is safe on the cloud.


#2 Best in class Security

Security is one of the major concerns when it comes to deciding between cloud storage services. pCloud makes use of the TLS/SSL encryption tech during both transmission from your device to the cloud and to your device from the cloud. To prevent unnecessary redirection through unsecured tunnels or being exposed to hackers. If you upgrade, you get pCloud Crypto which is exponentially secure.

#3 Faster Download and Upload Speeds

pCloud consistently showed faster upload and download speeds in a lot of our tests including a collection of large number of files, large sized files, videos, archives, and almost every file format.

#4 Remote Download Feature

pCloud has an unique feature called the Remote Download function. This give users the ability to transfer their files from one server to another remotely. For example, you can save a video in Youtube by copy-pasting the URL in pCloud. It will be added to your storage. You can skip the steps of downloading the files and uploading it again to the server and do it directly via the remote upload feature. This is a huge benefit of server to server file transfer.

#5 Sharing Download links

Sharing is simple straightforward and secure with pCloud. As per usual, you can share the URL to the files with your friends, additionally you can set passwords and expiration date to the URL. You can also check the usage stats of the URL like download count, traffic and bandwidth generated etc. Another important feature for business users would be inviting people to a specific folder and share access with them for team collaborations.

#6 Compatibility

pCloud supports all major platforms in a wide array of devices like Computers, Smartphones, Tablets, etc. It has apps for iOS and Android platforms, softwares for Windows and Mac OSX platforms as well. Apart from this it has a native web app as well which you could access from your browser without having to install any application.

#7 Support

pCloud has a very active support team that works tirelessly to deliver superior quality support to their valued customers. We’ve blind tested them a multitude of times and honestly, the results were really satisfying. They helped us every times very efficiently and solved our issues smoothly.


After trying the cloud service on a variety of platforms under various testing conditions for many days, we’ve found it a very good solution to your cloud storage needs to keep your files safe and secure online. It doesn’t matter what kind of user you are, be it personal or business or whatever is your need, if you are looking for a cloud storage service, you should always consider pCloud in your list of options. If you want to give it a shot, you can try it for FREE. The free plans comes with 20GB, the service is free to use. If you need to expand the storage, you can always do that in future based on your needs. Check pCloud and give it a try.

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