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OptiLingo: What Do You Get For Free?

Whether through high school, college, or later on in life, at some point nearly every person tries to learn a new language. It’s natural to want to understand different cultures and speak their languages. But most people fail early on when learning a new language. And if you’re an adult, just finding the time to sign up for a class is challenging. And these programs tend to be tedious, boring, and mostly ineffective. Add to that the sad reality that language learning is often a slow process with a very high learning curve, and it’s easy to understand why most people give up.

There are alternatives to learning in a classroom setting. Self-teaching through programs or smartphone apps are the two most popular. But picking an effective one is another challenge. Computer programs like Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur can cost well over $100. So many people often settle with the free apps instead.

How Fluent Can You Get for Free?

If you’ve ever used a learning app on your smartphone, you quickly understand their popularity. They are convenient, easy to use, but most importantly, they’re free. But what does free get you? When you use an app like Duolingo, for instance, you have access to what is primarily a system of vocabulary flashcards. If you already know a language, then it’s great. You can open up the app on the subway or while you’re waiting for a coffee and brush up on your language skills. An awesome way to kill time, but not a great way to reach fluency.

Duolingo advertises that you can learn a semester of language in 35 hours. This number is a bit deceptive. It comes from a study done with 386 participants who had around an intermediate level of Spanish. Given that most schools in the US teach some level of Spanish combined with its prevalence in American society, it’s fair to assume that most people in the study had some understanding of Spanish. The result was that after using DuoLingo for 35 hrs, many were able to pass a college level test for introductory Spanish. But what is this actually saying?

If you think back to how many people take years of Spanish throughout high school and into college and are still unable to retain or speak it, being able to complete a test that says you can pass the first semester of Spanish isn’t saying much.

This is because the extent of the effectiveness of free apps ends at vocabulary acquisition. They drill you regularly, reinforcing that knowledge. However, they don’t focus on speaking or listening. These are two vital components to gaining fluency. If your aim is fluency, then you’ll need a different program.

What Is OptiLingo?

OptiLingo is a language learning program that will help you become fluent in a second language in hours, not years. Through the use of Guided Immersion and Spaced Repetition Systems (SRS), users quickly move towards fluency with easy. This is because OptiLingo teaches language as a tool to be used, not a subject to be studied.

Why Is OptiLingo Better than Free Learning Apps?

Through Guided Immersion, the program takes on a parental role, assisting students develop language skills as if they were toddlers. When kids learn a language, they do so with the intent to acquire things: food, attention, comfort, answers. When you’re learning a language and speaking to people, you’re looking for these same things. OptiLingo adapts this approach by focusing on high-frequency words, allowing you to rapidly acquire a new language.

This type of learning is highly effective because it presents common phrases instead of focusing on abstract concepts like linguistics and syntax. The result is that you learn language you can readily use in the real world, instead of only on an app. And because Guided Immersion provides provides support and context for the words you learn in each phrase, you understand and retain the information better.

The process is simple. You hear a phrase in your target language, have it translated for you into your language, then have it translated back into the target language. The back and forth process engages both hemispheres of the brain, and results in a far more effective way of remembering what you learn.

How Do Spaced Repetition Systems Help?

OptiLingo uses Guided Immersion along with Spaced Repetition Systems (SRS) to help make the language learning process more successful. SRS works because it creates time in between lessons to engage your memory and help you learn faster.

While most free apps incorporate some form of this, the structure is often loose and random. With OptiLingo, SRS is integrated into the foundation of the language learning platform. You will experience the first lesson on the first day. Each new day, you add another lesson while covering information from previous lessons. This pushes the lessons deeper and deeper into your long-term memory. Each new lesson begins with remembering what you’ve learned before, a great motivator to continue studying.

A Program Built on Passion

The owner and founder of OptiLingo, Jonty Yamisha, developed the program of his experience with language learning. Jonty is an ethnic Circassian who decided to learn the dying language of his people at the age of 30. With no experience in linguistics, he set out to become fluent in one of the hardest languages in existence. On his path to fluency, he discovered how to learn language rapidly. The result is OptiLingo.

Now a member of the Nassip Foundation and the Endangered Language Alliance, he regularly speaks at language events around the world on language preservation. OptiLingo is not a cold corporate program, but a passionate platform created by a man who understands the value of keeping cultures alive through language. This passion comes through each language lesson.

Is OptiLingo the Best Option Language Learning?

There are a lot of platforms out there for language learning. Free apps are great for passing time, but they’re an ineffective way to learn language. To speak a language you need to hear it and speak it. Academic and premium classes are dated and expensive. But there is another option.

OptiLingo is a language learning platform that does both at an extremely affordable price of $9.99. With a 100 percent money back guarantee, it’s a no risk option. Don’t waste time and money with boring, repetitive programs that you may regret purchasing. Choose a program that works. Choose OptiLingo now and start making your dream of finally becoming bilingual come true.

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