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NIX Solutions Big Data – Company Profile

NIX Solutions is a Ukrainian IT company that stays on top of industry trends, and Big Data is among them. To be the first among competitors you should be open-minded and ready to learn and adapt to the latest breakthrough in the industry. This feature helps NIX Solutions stay one of the best outsourcing IT company in the country.


Everyone speaks about or at least has heard something about Big data trend. Suddenly users who don’t work in IT sphere became to talk about this phenomenon. NIX Solutions engineers predict that the popularity of this topic grow more and more the next months. At the moment, there are quite a lot stories about AI machines taking over our jobs and millions of people becoming unemployed. It’s good as a fantastic movie story line, but real situation is not so pessimistic. Devices, based on Big data technology, are created to make human’s life easier and more comfortable. Every day many people have risks to lose their lives working in hazardous employment.

Positive sides Big Data
The term “big data” first appeared in the Clifford Lynch “Nature” magazine editor, NIX Solutions experts tells. In 2008 he spoke about Big Data due to the explosive growth of the world’s information. According to experts, data streams above 100 GB per day fit into the category. A typical example of Big data is information which Hadron Collider generates. An important feature is that collider sends data without any interruptions. Installation continuously produces large amounts of data, and scientists simultaneously solve a number of tasks with their help. Big data in a our life is car’s GPS signals, banks transactions, social networks etc.

The Big data means only two words—a data processing and storage; in fact, it’s another way of data management systems. Indeed, there are wide variety of elements that are classified under this term including blockchain, data security, analytics, and artificial intelligence. The “Three V.” are three traditional characteristics of Big data that are defined by Italian company Meta Group in 2001: Variety, Volume, Velocity. After some period of time number of “V” was increased to five. Specialists have added Variability and Veracity to this list.

Bring all the needed data together
Operations with static objects and thinking in terms of states are more usual for many developers. However, a paradigm of Big data is different. You have to be able to work with an uninterrupted flow of data. It’s one of the reasons why so many people find this topic interesting to work and research. It affects more and more areas of our life.

By analyzing the diverse dataset of sources like Twitter, you’ll get tons of information, and surely will face tools like Apache Hadoop or Spark.

Big Data can give you precise insight at the level of every smallest business such as a restaurant or an IT service company.

When you can get specific details about any given office on how long it takes to deliver service, what is the average time of delivery, what takes up most of its time; and every other important index which you can get in real time, that’s game-changing.

5 Proofs that Big Data is worth attention

  1. People send about 31 million messages and view almost 3 million videos in Facebook every minute.
  2. In the past two years, people have created more data than humanity has created in the whole history.
  3. Humanity will have about 6.1 billion users of smartphone worldwide in 2020.
  4. A third of all data of the world will be located on “cloud” in 2020.
  5. Use of the Big data technology in healthcare branch will be able to save about 1000$ per year for every person on the planet.

If you want to know more about NIX Solutions company, among Big Data services it provides, check the links below:

If you want to know more about NIX Solutions company, and Big Data services it provides, check the links below:

  1. OffIcial website of NIXSolutions – https://www.nixsolutions.com/
  2. NIXSolutions Upwork profile – https://www.upwork.com/o/companies/~012dcd59e2c1a72d1c
  3. Github profile – https://github.com/nixsolutions
  4. NIX Solutions Linkedin profile – https://www.linkedin.com/company/nix-solutions-ltd.

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