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Moro Minuterie: Company Profile

When it comes to the manufacturing of leather goods, footwear, and clothing, finding quality metal components can be challenging. Attention to detail, originality, and customized metal components offer a style that will stand out.

Moro Minuterie offers a wide array of quality products centered around their 100% Made In Italy line. If you are a wholesaler or business looking for a primary metal component manufacturer, consider the qualities they offer.

High-Quality Products

The product line should offer a variety of choices that can meet all your needs. This means extreme attention to detail for optimal functionality. An attractive galvanic finish with high corrosion resistance offers additional durability and unique style. Some examples of a complete product range include the manufacturing of eyelets, jeans buttons, rivets, buckles, hooks, wire items, and snaps.

The eyelets range from standard and special to vela and oval. With over ten eyelet styles ready-made, you won’t have to worry about time-consuming designing and manufacturing. The rivets they offer are self-piercing, double rivets, decorative, rhinestone and cabochon, wire, and zamak. Their buckles include standard and plates. The product line of hooks includes fix lace-loop, lace-loop, and D-ring. Their wire items include half rings, oval rings, rectangular rings, and round rings. They offer both BPM and BPA snaps as well.

When it comes to their jeans buttons and rivets, the product line includes detailed jeans buttons, jeans rivets, and nails. They offer aluminum and brass nails as well as inox nails with two points. The aluminum comes in standard, point, and arrow nails. The brass nails come in three forms, standard, H 6, and arrow styles.

Customized Solutions

Trying to design and create unique metal components for your line of leather goods can be time-consuming. Allow the experts to create highly-detailed, customized pieces for your line. They offer a range of custom finishes and colors to choose from. Finishes include standard, antique, and precious galvanic finishes as well as paintings and other workings.

They offer a variety of unique rhinestone colors such as standard, TR, and Aurora Boreale rhinestones. Additional colors include the mother of pearl, opal, and solid rhinestones. If you don’t want rhinestone colors, they have cabochon colors available in veined and solid colors.

The specialized staff is capable of performing highly detailed customization on any standard metal items. Whether it’s eyelets, rivets, jeans buttons, and rivets, or other metal components, they can implement your specific and unique designs.

Constant Product Innovation

At the Moro Minuterie workshop, they use innovative technologies to create unique, quality products. The shop is equipped with top-notch CNC machines that allow the technicians to create the molds and equipment necessary for constant product innovation. The applications with automatic machines offer the reliability and accuracy needed for high-quality pieces. The wide array of machines used include applicator machines, semiautomatic and automatic machines. The manual tools include Torchietti manuals lever and pedal. The most up-to-date equipment and tools are ideal for the innovative production of eyelets, rivets, hooks and more.

In the production stages, only fine quality metals are used. This includes stainless steel alloys and special attention to galvanic finishes. Combined with specific expertise in the design and supply of equipment, all your professional and creative needs will be met.

Efficient and Timely Service

Finding a manufacturer of small metal components is time-consuming and often complicated. However, when you have chosen to inquire about Moro Minuterie, rest assured that they offer efficient, timely service. With over forty years of providing the technological improvement in the industry, you will not be disappointed. They offer a wide range of services when it comes to designing metal components. The high-quality products are available at optimum prices and will stand out as sophisticated pieces. Do not be discouraged by their Italy location, they offer international support from their partner at Teknolinea in Mexico.

Allow the experts to assist you with the inception, design, and manufacture of metal components for your footwear, leather goods, or clothing line. These safe and functional metal components are 100% Made In Italy and are designed for eye-catching beauty. Whether you want something decorative, contemporary, or iridescently elegant, Moro Minuterie can design and manufacture it.

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