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Mirillis Action – Software Review

frfrefeMirillis Action! is a game-changing software for screen recording that’s in a class of its own. A product of Mirillis – an enterprise that specializes in assorted state-of-the-art editing, playback, transcoding, and video capturing solutions – Action! promises to give you results beyond your expectations. It’s ranked #1 in video game recorder software review, and most gamers prefer it even over NVIDIA’s shadowplay. If there’s one thing that’s distinctive about this screen recorder, it’s the fact that it has almost any feature you would imagine in a screen recording application. The developers at Mirillis went out of their way and thought of every possible need you would have as far as screen recorders are concerned, and ensured that Action! has it. That’s enough butter on the bread, now let’s take a bite and see what this software really tastes like, and why it has over 23k likes on Facebook. And Action!

Features! Features! Features!

What is it you want to do? Do you want HD recording? Is there a specific video format you prefer, perhaps mp4 or AVI? Would you like to export your screen recording to Facebook? maybe YouTube? Or perhaps you are watching a webinar, or preparing one, and would like to record it? Or you are preparing a video and would like to easily include microphone commentaries? Well, whatever it is you would like to do with, or incorporate in your screen recording, Action! most likely has the feature ready for you.

With Action! you can stream and record in real-time any events on your Windows desktop, in HD. You can capture any streaming video on your desktop, take screenshots, and include your webcams. Just pick from any of the various predefined profiles available in the application to have your recording ready in any of the popular video formats. If you feel you would like to hide the fact that you are recording from your bedroom, kitchen, or garage, Action! has Greenscreen Mode, which enables you to alter your background so that you can save face, and also free your audience from any unnecessary distractions that may unnecessarily divert their attention while viewing your recordings.

It’s surprisingly easy to export your recordings to conventional social sites like Facebook and YouTube. This is due to the fact that Action! already has profiles tailored for these popular social sites, so that all you have to do is decide where you want your recordings to go, click on the relevant button, and it’ll be available for the world in no time. Things can’t get any simpler.

Mirillis Action! has perhaps gained unrivaled respect in the gaming world owing to the assorted features it offers that are ideal and tailored for that industry. For instance, its integrated live streaming feature is an aspect that’s rare to find in other screen recording software. With Action! you can link to various streaming services, and with the click of a button, you can stream whatever is on your screen – live. No processes, no procedures, and above all, as long as you have good connectivity, no glitches. There are also many other reasons gamers value Action! over other screen recording software; these include but are not limited to; up to 120fps of smooth HD game recording, low CPU usage, excellent overall performance, conveniently small video recordings, a super friendly user interface, and the fact that you can manage your recordings with your smartphone. I told you, think of it, and probably Action! already has it.

Action! has many other features and tools intended to make things easy and fun for you while using it. It would take a while to go through all of them; so instead of telling you what is and what isn’t, the best thing to do, if a soft spot has been touched, is to get the screen recorder, even if it’s the trial version, and check it out for yourself. You will not be disappointed; guaranteed.


One of the things that most users of Action! appreciate about it is how easy it is on their hardware and its excellent performance. The secret behind this functionality is FICV (Fast Intra Compression Video Standard) – a proprietary video codec from Mirillis that’s ultra-fast and optimized for multicores. This video codec, coupled with optimized software engines, offers peak performance for HD video recording in real-time. Furthermore, Action! also takes advantage of other video capture technologies like AMD APP, NVIDIA NVENC, and Intel Quick Sync to record quality videos. It’s compatible with any Windows OS from Windows Vista to Windows 10. It utilizes significantly small CPU and GPU resources; however, the higher your quality needs, the higher the resource needs. Be that as it may, compared to other screen recording software, the hardware resources Action! will consume when on duty are considerably small.

After Hours & Support

In case of any issues encountered or just curiosity regarding the application, you can get help and support from three avenues. The FAQ section on the website will answer most of the general and basic questions you might have, or that others before you, already made popular. A user forum dedicated to Action! is also available that contains comments, suggestions, and other user based remedies. Here you can post your questions and receive answers from other more experienced users. Don’t be shy or embarrassed about anything. The application is feature rich, it’s only natural for you to overlook some things, or discover them through the eyes of others. Ultimately, if you really need a one-on-one kind of help, you are free to contact the Mirillis Action! support team via email.

As you have realized, Action! is one of the applications that you have been missing. It’s feature-rich, user-friendly, easy on your system, and it’s recommended by experts (gamers).

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