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MediaVenus Review – The Ultimate Native Ad Network Reviewed

fdrfMany of you must be familiar with the term Native Advertising and it is the reason you are here so that you could find out how good MediaVenus actually is? or if it is any good?

This is a short crash course on basics of native advertising, so those who already know this can skip this part and move onto the next, and for the newbies let’s begin.

Native Advertising is a type of advertising, mostly done for online websites, this advertising type matches the structure and purpose of the platform on which it is placed. It is a type of paid media which is generally used by content marketers to improve the traffic of theirs website. Its definition states that “Native Advertising is any paid content that is “in-feed” and inherently non-disruptive.”

An example of it could be suggested posts on Facebook and promoted Tweets on Twitter, whose main purpose is to build trust in the mind of the audience so that they are not inconvenienced with the advertisement and instead are welcoming about these posts and tweets as most of them are based upon their preferences.

MediaVenus is a website which concentrates on providing ease with a lot of Cool Native Advertising Features in its toolbox.

Features Of Media Venus:

A Simple user-interface:

The most important and essential point that everyone looks for in a new software, service or an application is whether it has a simple Interface, as it is very important to understand how to use the particular service before you actually avail it, a lot of users tend to move on from complex interface which is tiresome to understand and they select a service that has an easy to use interface.

MediaVenus has a simple interface which takes care of keeping the users hooked as it is easy to grasp as well as use, You can sign up for the website with ease, displayed below is the signup screen where you can fill in the details to move the create an account with this native ad network.

There are two sign up options provided one is for publishers and other is for advertisers. Even the payments method are efficient.


Supports various types of ads:

There are various types of Native advertising, and as MediaVenus is focused upon it, it supports most of them, one of which is the traditional native advertisements that are placed at the ends of the posts which displays recommendations and as they are of the interest of the user they tend to build trust rather than make them turn always, which is exactly how I feel about these advertisements.

Then there are the banner ads which is something a digital marketer is familiar with on regular basis, and the last type is of pop-up ads, one of which stays constant at the bottom of the screen when you scroll through the entire section, while the other one is displayed at the center of your screen. Tried out the First Type and it has improved the CTR rates of my website.

A personal manager for added efficiency:

When you create signup and create an account you will discover that you have a personal manager. There are times when it is hard for you to understand some concepts in English if it is not your native language and when you want to solve any issue with a customer service, it becomes more complex, what a personal manager does is allows you to solve you query in languages that you find easier to communicate in or the language which you can understand better.

The response time for every query is quite fast, which is something I can attest to as it has been a habit to be thorough about everything so I even went through the ticket system and it works just fine, and lastly the personal manager has made it a lot more simple to grasp the meaning of the solutions so that I can apply them and get rid of the issues.

Choices of categories and niches:

For those of who are not sure what niche they can choose, MediaVenus has presented various product categories and advertiser so that you can select the advertisements that are more similar to or match the content of your site. It helped me out as I wasn’t sure about the niche and I have some friends whose earnings took a nosedive because they neglected to choose a particular niche.

You can view the categories in the below image, Here is a list if you for some reason you can’t see the image:

  • Beauty products
  • Health products
  • Weight loss & Diets
  • Utilities, Mobile Apps
  • E-commerce
  • Casino & Gambling
  • Sweepstakes
  • Dating
  • and Adult. (which most big networks don’t support)


You can’t just select any service and expect it to do all the work for you, you have to put in your cent otherwise no matter what quality of service you choose, it will still fail to give you the result you expect. So make sure you take the decision about MediaVenus after you have put in at least some work. If you have already set up your campaign with MediaVenus, let us know your ROI and CTRs in the comments below.

If you have any questions, please ask below!