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Makewebvideo.com: An Online Tool to Create Awesome Videos

There are many websites over the internet that allows you to create some phenomenal videos over the web. But none of the websites provides you the features similar to MakeWebVideo.com. This is one of the video websites that allows you to create some fantastic videos in your own way. The interface is totally user friendly and even a lay man can operate through the website and create a video. This website provides you with every possible feature that you will need to create a fantastic video on web.

MakeWebVideo.com is online video making service that helps the entrepreneurs and businesses to make their own video at affordable price. It has got amazing templates to create your videos. Follow the guide given below to create the video.

How to create a video on MakeWebVideo.com?

MakeWebVideo.com offers the online video maker tool to its users. It allows you to make the videos using some of the transient effects choosing wonderful templates that can beautify your videos. If you want to create your own video on this site then you must follow this guide to create a fantastic video.

Detailed steps to create video on MakeWebVideo.com

  1. You can start creating the video by picking the right template. You are available with number of options choose the templates from.85424
  2. After you have selected the template, press "Make a Video Now" button. A video project will be started and you can start sending the text, pictures, video footage, sound etc. to MakeWebVdieo.com. You can even upload your own photos and sounds.
  3. Now, start video template editing. The template is divided in different parts and each part will be customized with your graphics. After inserting your graphics to these parts, you should press "Update Preview" for creating the preview picture. This will show you the look of video. After doing this for all the parts, press "Go Back" button.24577
  4. If you wish to change the music track, click ‘Change Music'. Now select the music from the large collection provided or you can even upload your own music. You can even change this music later, after the creation of video.
  5. Now you should request for the creation of free preview video. It will take few minutes for creation of low quality video. In this way you can check whether the video is made correctly or not.
  6. After the video is final from your side, request creation of the final video. Now you need to pay the money through Paypal account. After the payment is received, the video generation will start and it may take an hour for the complete video to be created in high.
  7. After the video is ready, you can even download it in different formats or change the music track. You are also allowed to share it on Facebook.95244

Top Features of MakeWebVideo.com

  • You can join it for free and create videos: You are free to sign up this website and can even produce your promo videos for free using their templates. You can create basic videos for $29 or can even make professional looking videos at an affordable price of $89-$99.
  • Technical Skills are not required: You just need to select your video template and play with the text. Except this no other technical knowledge is required.
  • Pay after you try: After you are completely satisfied with the video, you can download it by paying a minimum sum of $29 and maximum sum of $99.
  • Reasonable Price: The price is extremely affordable starting from $29. The maximum price is also small that is $99 only.
  • OS Compatibility: The videos produced through this website are compatible with different operating systems like MAC, Linux, Windows etc
  • Add Graphics and Sound of your Own: You are free to add the sound and graphics of your own to the video. You can add text, images, and other effects to the video.
  • Host videos for free: You can host the videos on this site for free and can even download it or upload it anywhere.
  • Money Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the promotional video created through this site, you can ask for refund. You will get 100% money back that you invested to make this video.
  • Download Video in different Formats: It offers you the flexibility to download the video in any format you like. You just need to pay at once for it.


Makewebvideo.com is one of the best websites to create some awesome videos at affordable price. You can choose from number of templates and select your own media for the video. This ensures that you get the video in your own style. You must try this tool for once.

P.S. LeraBlog’s presentation video was made using the product reviewed in this article 🙂 Watch it below and enjoy!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bxTNC3LyYc]

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