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Keylogger for iPhone Review: What Parents Should Know

Believe it or not, keyloggers have become essential for parents whose children are obsessed with iPhone. In the twenty-first century, the issue of security across all platforms has become one which can not be overemphasized, however, with the mention of security comes the mention of a possible protection from such security breaches and when it comes to a workplace setup, to increase proper security and also increase efficiency in internet use in the workplace, the need for a software which can monitor the activities of workers in order to measure their productivity internet-wise, especially on a company owned and facilitated network is important. This major need, however, led to the rise of keyloggers which have been found to come in handy for monitoring and restricting access to internet use and usage, especially on non-work-related websites.

The use of a keylogger, however, is not limited to the office space as it can also be employed as a reliable and solid protection for your family’s online presence. With the use of keyloggers, an example being iKeyMonitor keylogger for iPhone, it is possible to totally block or restrict the usage of some specific applications and games.

What is a Keylogger?

There are several reports online about the keylogger software, however, most of these reports are true in that the security app can be used to obtain passwords and other personal information from unsuspecting users, a move which may be exploited for both positive and negative advantages. However, focusing on the positive use of the keylogger, the application serves as a parental control tool which allows the control of internet activities on your kids’ iPhone in order to protect them from harmful content or in the case of a business setup, increase employees’ efficiency and effectiveness by limiting access to a number of distracting apps and games.

The Keylogger software serves as your eyes and ears in the dynamic digital world providing you with an up to date report of the happenings on your kid, spouse, employees and others’ smartphones or computer.

Why Use a Keylogger for iPhone?

A keylogger for iPhonesuch as iKeyMonitor could prove useful in a number of ways especially as a parental control tool to monitor your children’s internet activities. Also, the use of security and protection apps such as this has been proven effective in monitoring the online presence of employees in corporate setups to increase employee’s effectiveness and efficiency at work while limiting the available array of distractions. Additionally, a keylogger software may be used to track iPhone thereby providing an array of information including location, data history, and others.

In summary, a keylogger for iPhone such as iKeyMonitor parental control app for iPhone may be used to:

  • Monitor and keep a track of a personal device especially when it’s out of reach;

  • Monitor your children, especially underage children

  • Monitor company-issued devices in corporate setups.

Use iKeyMonitor Parental Control App as a Keylogger for iPhone

iKeyMonitor parental control app is recognized as one of the best keyloggers available for iPhone. The iPhone keylogger is equipped with monitoring features which span a variety of activities on the smartphones including Keystrokes inputted, password record, text messages records, website history records and others. However, one of the basic features of the application is that you do not have to physically handle the phone which you are monitoring to have this information delivered to you as the data are sent to your registered account in a timely fashion and with utmost secrecy. One of the best features also on the iKeyMonitor parental control app is the ability of the application to work in the background which prevents possible notification messages on the monitored smartphone.

Why Choose iKeyMonitor Parental Control App?

iKeyMonitor parental control app has been proven over the years to provide mobile security and parental control features to iPhone. The application boasts a wide range of features which makes tracking of iPhones both at home and at the office easy for both parents and employers of corporate labor. Some of the features offered on the keylogger app include:

  • Available in a variety of languages

  • Can be used in tracking messaging applications such as Facebook, Kik, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Line, Viber, IMO, QQ, Tinder, Snapchat, Hike and other available messaging platforms which makes it easier to access what your children, spouse, employees, and others are exposed to while they log on the internet.

  • Provides a tracking feature with comprehensive data collection on information including user’s Phone history logs, call recordings, SMS Text history, Web sites visited, keystrokes, Clipboards, screenshots, and GPS Tracking among others.

  • iKeyMonitor parental control app may also be used to capture a wide range of multimedia actions on the tracked phones. Some of the multimedia features supported on the Keylogger application include: Video profiles, Pictures and photos, voice notes and voice messages, phone surroundings and others

  • For kids, iKeyMonitor parental control app provides restriction of access to applications and also allows for remote controlling of phones for Application access blocking and setting of screen timeouts.

The application also comes with some discreet features which include tamper-proof technology and delivery of logs to a specified cloud server. Additionally, iKeyMonitor parental control app provides access to FTP logs and can be accessed using Wireless LAN service.

Phone information such as Memos, Reminders, Notes, Calendars, Email contents, contacts, and Wi-Fi history can also be tracked using the application.

How to Use iKeyMonitor iPhone Keylogger?

Setting up iKeyMonitor iPhone keylogger is quite easy as the application can be set up on both jailbroken iPhone and non-jailbroken iPhone. To activate, you will be required to sign up for the three-day trial version firstly. After successful registration, you will get the login credentials. Follow the instructions to download and install iPhone keylogger on the target device. You can choose either jailbreak spy app or non-jailbroken spy solution.

For jailbreak spy app, you need jailbreak the target device first before downloading.
For non-jailbroken spy solution, you need to get the iCloud credentials of the target device and disable two-factor authentication firstly.

In conclusion, a keylogger for iPhone such as iKeyMonitor can be fully used as a family-friendly parental control app to keep children’s security online. It’s helpful especially for parents who are busy with work and cannot spend too much time taking care of their loved kids. The digital parenting tool saves you lots of worries and trouble when you are away. Why not try it now?!

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