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IOTransfer Free iPhone Manager – Easy Way to Manage You iPone/iPad/iPod

Photo management on your iPhone, PC, or any iDevice is really important and convenient for many occasions. Running out of memory is an issue that many people go through when they don’t have the accessibility to place, remove, or delete photos or data in general.

iPhone Photo Manager is a freeware created by IOTransfer that will help you with this problem. Don’t worry about your memory space anymore, this great app will help you save in the most secure way your content as well as help you clean up your memory to have just what you love the most.

The old fashioned way to transfer data from iPhone to computers and vice versa is left in the past. With this new app, you will now do it in a more secure and fast way.

iPhone Photo Manager Free

Transferring, deleting, importing photos and content has become that easy with the creation of iPhone photo manager free. Be able to sync your iPad, iPhone photo to PC with a simple click.

The feature this app allows you to export or delete photos all at once. In this way, there’s no need for you to tap on each photo that you’d like to transfer or delete.

You can also download photos or pictures from your computer or iPhone and transfer it with the same quality. Many apps can’t transfer content without lowering the quality of it.

All of this and more can be done by iPhone Photo Manager Free with a great simplicity.



Besides offering the iPhone Photo Manager Free, IOTransfer, as a comprehensive iPhone manager, has the some more advanced features and characteristics to do the same with music, videos, and data on iPhone/iPad/iPod.

  • Photo Management

IOTransfer provides a more advanced photo management. You have full access to all the albums to edit, delete, and create new albums. Photos can be bulk sync to different iDevices just by connecting your devices to computer at the same time with USB cables. In this way, you can enjoy and share your favorite photos and pictures to anyone, anywhere.

  • Music Management

With IOTransfer you can transfer music files between iDevices, iTunes, and your computer, giving you the best option to download music from your computer and import it to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

With this great feature, you can remove music from your iPhone or iPod that you don’t like anymore without losing it in order for you to update your playlist.

  • Videos Transfer

It might be faster to download videos, movies, series, etc. with a high quality from your computer than directly from your iPhone or iPad. IOTransfer allows you to transfer all the videos you download from Youtube or video download sites to iDevices with the same quality they were downloaded. Meanwhile, you can also move videos and movies on your iPhone/iPad to a computer as a backup, and free up more space on your devices.

It is simple and safe to use this app. The no-internet system makes it safer so that you don’t have to worry to expose your privacy to internet attack in order to do a transfer.

  • Data Backup

You never know when an incident can happen; IOTransfer is a great app that will allow you to protect all the important data of your iDevices in the safety of your computer.

Apps, eBooks, podcasts and more can be transferred and safe.

We know how important and indispensable your content is, either be photos, music, videos, and data in general. IOTransfer wants to provide the most convenient and easy-friendly options to iOS customers in order for them to make this task easier and in the fastest way.

Get now in the website and download the app right now. You won’t regret this opportunity and the way in which you used to import or export your content will be in the past with IOTransfer innovation.

See for yourself all the great things and extraordinary features this app has for you. Get in to know more about the app.

If you have any questions, please ask below!