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How You Can Document Your Journey With TripFrog

Travel is an opportunity for adventure, excitement and memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Whether you go solo or with friends and family, exploring a new city or country introduces you to an entirely different world. From food to landmarks, there are numerous aspects of your trip that are worth sharing with others. Letting the people closest to you see the details of your trip allows them to experience your journey and feel like they’re part of all the excitement. If you want to share all the details of your latest getaway with your friends and family, you’re in the right place.

Share Your Destinations

The app TripFrog allows you to make each of your trips come to life. No matter where you’ve been or where you’re planning on going, you can display all of your travel destinations through this app. Your friends no longer have to wonder what you did during your last summer vacation, because you can show them your log of places and photos and let them participate in all the action. Did you spend a few days in the heart of Paris? Was a stay in the Bahamas part of your island getaway? You can include the full details of any place you visited in your personalized travel log in this app.

Keep Track

When you download the app, you also receive a detailed report of all the places you’ve visited. Based on the photos you include, the app marks each of your travel destinations on a map, giving you a visual reference of how well-traveled you are. In addition, you can view statistics that describe your travel history in detail. These features can come in handy if you have personal goals that you want to achieve. If you need to visit a certain number of countries in order to reach a certain travel goal, the map and statistics give you a clear idea of how close you are.

Relive Your Trip

Not only can you look back at the details of each trip at any time, but you can also revisit the experience as many times as you wish. The app draws the exact route you took during each trip so you can remember each stop you made along your journey. When you’re telling your friends all about your latest adventure, you can give them a visual depiction of it by sharing your route with them. If you want to see where you traveled within a specific time frame, you can easily adjust the time period and view your destinations over the course of a week, month or year. This allows you to stay organized and relive your trips during any point in time.

Tell a Story

Pictures speak volumes, and sharing yours can help you tell your travel story. This app gives you the opportunity to download all of the photos you took during each trip and add some life to your travel log. Whether you want to share that mouthwatering shot of your gelato or capture the bright lights of Times Square, your pictures give you the chance to transport yourself to any moment of your journey. The app also has the benefit of organizing your photos by trip, which lets you remember where each moment took place. During lunch with a friend or at your next family gathering, you can show off your photos and have them live in each moment with you.

You never know where life is going to take you, but you should make the best of every adventure. With this app, you can turn each journey into a story and help your loved ones be a part of it, too.

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