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How VideoProc Facilitates GoPro iPhone 4K Video Processing and Editing

Every year in fall, a wide array of new and cool consumer electronics are bound to release. And in this September, new generation iPhone XS (Max) and GoPro Hero 7 are the pick of the crop for photography nerds, especially for all-around 4K filming. No mater you shoot normal 4K video, capture outdoor 4K motions or do low-light 4K filming, this iPhone XS pair and the culminating GoPro Hero7 box, both with innovative camera upgrade, helps create 2160p (up to 60fps) video as incredible as you’ve never shot before.

But high resolution brings about large file size, which puts burden on both computer and video software for further playback and editing. Digiarty, a world-leading provider of home media applications, worked out an one-stop video processing software entitled “VideoProc” to edit, compress and transcode GoPro/iPhone 4K shots with ease. Good news is that to celebrate the new release of VideoProc, Digiarty is holding sweepstakes now with new GoPro HERO7 as the grand prize and accessories (all valued over $1280). Keep reading the post to find out how to attend the sweepstakes.

4K photography was originally adopted by GoPro cams in 2014 and iPhone one year later. Through years of hardware upgrades, both GoPro and Apple companies move their shooting tech to a high level, bringing about much pleasure to shutterbugs at any age. Post-production is a must-do if one wants to turn plain homemade 4K video a piece of polished one for sharing. But this stuff may bother many when processing or editing 4K video on low-end computer, or when cameramen is master of none professional editors like Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro X.

Process and Edit GoPro/iPhone Large 4K Clips on PC or Mac?

Pro-level VideoProc Delivers An Easier Creative Way!

4K is significantly known for obtaining more details in quality, but it’s really a space hog! Newer iPhones and GoPro cams apply HEVC and H.264 for 4K encoding, the former of which is more efficient to output relatively smaller footage. Even so, a 1-min HEVC 4K@60fps video (with ProTune off) shoot by last generation GoPro (Hero6) goes around 500MB, while it will go up to 1GB when shooting the same video with H.264 codec. iPhone models share the similar way on 4K file size…

So, processing and editing large 4K video on computer requires software with both power and speed. VideoProc happens to be such a program for its easy operation, versatile features and full hardware acceleration support. Let’s take an overall look at them one by one below.

How VideoProc Facilitates GoPro iPhone 4K Processing and Editing?

  1. Feature-laden Toolbox with Self-explaining Interface

To begin with, being different from PR, Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro X and alike, VideoProc lets users do GoPro/iPhone 4K video editing tasks in a traditional but more intuitive linear way. No complicated UI, no dazzling timeline or shotcuts, function-oriented panel gives every video maker the chance to take control of this coadjutant once firing it up. A traditional linear video editor with limited editing functions? Don’t draw conclusion easily until you check through VideoProc’s abilities.

a). Resize GoPro/iPhone 4K Video without Quality Loss

As a converter and editor, VideoProc offers multiple ways to change 4K video size, shrinking 4K in particular. It’s available to compress GoPro or iPhone huge 4K file by transcoding like from 4K H.264 MP4 to a H.265 one, downscaling video from 4K to 1080p, cutting boring or unnecessary clips off, or just splitting it into a few small ones.

b). Enhance (GoPro)Bad 4K Video by Deshaking, Denoising, Correcting Fisheye etc.

Although recent cameras have internal stabilization and noise-reduction filter, it’s still common to create shaky, blurry and noisy footage, especially when doing outsides jolting shootings. VideoProc is able to deshake, sharpen and denoise poor 4K video by auto analyzing, calculating and carrying out related operations according to values of quality enhancing parameters. Third-party stabilizer or covering accessories are recommended to prepare before shooting, because the better original 4K video is, the easier and faster VideoProc can make it up.

In addition, VideoProc empowers user to reduce or remove fisheye distortion, add subtitles, fine tune video brightness, sharpness, saturation, hue and gamma to correct dim color, increase video shadows and highlights etc. The best way to stylish and personalize video from others is of course to add special effect or watermark into video, and VideoProc also makes it possible and flexible.

c). Tailored Profiles for Video Sharing Sites and Playback Devices

GoPro and iPhone owners document crazy and beautiful things worth sharing to friends, family or unfamiliar audiences before the screen. VideoProc gathers 400+ output profiles from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram social sites to iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV, Xbox, PS, Chromecast, PC, Mac and more terminal video watching devices. Source 4K videos can be transferred for any profile in clicks by simply following the default settings.

  1. Full Hardware Acceleration Support

Video processing and editing were traditionally CPU-intensive missions. User can fetch a performance boost of software only by upgrading hardware. Fortunately, nowadays, software engineers start to write specific code into software, integrating software and hardware components into a workstation to take full advantage of multi-CPU-core, graphics card/GPU and massive RAM to increase productivity.

Media processing usually requires more computing power when doing some sophisticated edits like reducing shakiness, removing background noise, adding visual effects, adjusting color etc. Therefore hardware acceleration is crucial for handling large format 4K GoPro or iPhone videos. How about VideoProc? As expected, it joins the hardware acceleration army by fully supporting all GPU accelerations, be it Intel QSV, Nvidia NVENC/CUDA or AMD, achieving up to 47x real-time faster processing speed! By making using of multi-threading and hyper-threading tech, VideoProc keeps the perfect balance between processing time and output quality.

The Bottom Line

The multimedia industry is advancing rapidly and technology doesn’t stay stuck for long. In the near future, 4K will become a new video standard in town, just like the story of 1080p. And so keep go ahead of the curve to take richer 4K content with your GoPro or iPhone now, VideoProc is behind you all the way for 4K processing and editing.

How to Enter and Win GoPro Hero7

To celebrate the release of VideoProc, Digiarty’s special sweepstakes is now underway and will be ended on Oct.26, 2018. Anyone who joins the activity will have chance to obtain free GoPro Hero7 ($399), GoPro Karma Grip ($299.00), or GoPro Dual Battery Charger+Battery ($49.99). Now follow the steps blow to try your fortune.

Step 1. Visit theofficial GoPro 4K video processing and editing page.

Step 2. Fill your Name and valid Email Address into the blank field and click “Count me in” to finish.

(Note that every participant can earn more eligible entries by sharing event or like VideoProc on social sites. Just find more details from sweepstakes rules. )

Step 3. Check whether you’re involved in the winners list from your email or VideoProc’s official Facebook/Twitter. Do remember to respond within 5 days of notification. If not, you will miss the prize regrettably.

If you have any questions, please ask below!