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How to Use Fotor to Make a Gift for Mother’s Day?

I’m going to let you in on a secret; do you care to know it? Here it is – the best way to make the best gift for mother’s day is using Fotor, the best online platform for making gifts for your loved ones. “What’s so special about Fotor?” you ask! There is so much that’s amazing about this web platform. Mother’s day gifts are often tricky for most people because you can’t just buy a tie and give it to your mother as you would your dad.

Mother’s Day gifts need to come from deep within, should be well thought out, and a card has to be included. No matter what you give her, if the card is missing, it will not be complete. In fact, the card alone is enough, provided it is done well and contains a heartwarming message. However, finding the best card that will move your mother’s spirit is a challenge.

In the history of mother’s day, no gift means the most to mother’s like those that involved a lot of thought and hard work. Sometimes these gifts involve sacrificing and saving some money to get her one of the things she’s always wanted, and sometimes they involve taking your time to make her a beautiful and sentimental piece of art. I’m sure you already got the former figured out, but I’m going to help you with the latter. Let me show you why Fotor is the best tool for making your Mom a mother’s day card she will cherish for life.

What’s Fotor?

Fotor is an online platform that enables you to create unique, customized, eye-grabbing, and heartwarming cards, collages, and graphics. It is a very easy platform to use; anyone who has ever taken and edited a selfie will find it so intuitive and user friendly.

As an online platform, one of the things you’ll appreciate about Fotor is that you can access it from anywhere in the world. Regardless of where you are, if you want to make a quick graphic or card for someone you love, go online and create the card. Once you are done, you can email it, send it to them via any social media platform that tolerates images and graphics or print and mail it to them – whatever method you prefer.

Fotor Main Features

All talk with no show is moot, so let me show you what you will love about Fotor.

Collages cannot only be difficult to make because they require some degree of creativity, but they are also time consuming. Nonetheless, with Fotor, all these challenges are non-existent. I’ll share with you a photo collage and a photo card I made for mother’s day just for illustration purposes, but the thing I’d like you to know is that it took me roughly 15 minutes to do the entire thing.

First, let me walk you through the Fotor interface.

Go to www.fotor.com. You’ll see the page below. (The background may be different as it keeps changing with each page reload.)

Feel free to click on any of the three buttons according to what you want to do.

Let’s say you would like to create a collage; so I clicked on the “Make a Collage” button (middle button). The page below showed up.

Initially, Fotor allows you to create graphics and edit photos with basic features. Advanced features are available only after you upgrade your profile. Mind you, all the designs I’ll show you I did just on the basic level; imagine the things you can accomplish with a premium account.

Anyway, based on the screenshot above, you have four options for designs and templates for creating collages. You can go with whatever you like; I went with ‘Funky Collage’.

What you see above is a basic layout of one of the templates I chose for my Mother’s Day Card design.

I explored the software for a while as I was looking for the template I liked and it has dozens of them. I don’t think there is any design you can think of that you won’t find a template for.

On the left side of the interface is a toolbar with various options for customizing your collage according to your taste. Explore the items on the toolbar to learn more about them. Trust me; you don’t need any further information about them. Their functions are straightforward. But I still suggest that you check out the “stickers” and “background” options because these contain some cool designs you may love to use on whatever graphic you want to work on.

On the right side of the interface, you have the option for importing various images for incorporating in your graphic. You can import as many images as you like.

Through this interface, you can edit and customize the available templates to your liking. The design below may not be the best Mother’s Day Card in the world, but it was created with love. After tinkering a little here and there, this is what I ended up with.

You can see that it’s based entirely on the template I chose earlier. All I did was add the images, adjust them to fit in their respective containers, and some text to make the message clear and straight to the heart. Fotor allows you to use any fonts to enhance your design. If you don’t like the collection it has, you are free to upload your own fonts to include in the design.

Furthermore, the web platform also comes with quick 3-minute tutorials for getting you up to speed, well, within three minutes. I don’t know about you, but that’s long enough for me to learn how to use this fantastic software to make a card or photo collage. Here is another mother’s day design – this time a card – that I made with the software.

With the above design, I only changed the background to make it livelier and Mother’s Day-ish (to capture the mood of the day). You can see that the software itself comes loaded with amazing designs.

I want to stress that photo has a sophisticated dedicated online photo editor with amazing effects for different occasions like Christmas, filmatic, vintage, festivals, among others. Moreover, you can add stickers, frames, and retouch the photos as you please. Your creativity is your limit.



The above is just an example, but you can do far much cooler stuff than this using Fotor.

One more thing; there is a Fotor’s Mother’s Day campaign going on to help celebrate mothers all over the world. All participants will get a 10% discount OFF coupon for Fotor Pro and the most impressive entry will get a free Fotor Pro membership that’s valid for a year.

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and if you are puzzled about what to get your mom, Fotor is a sure bet that she will appreciate what you create for her using it.

If you have any questions, please ask below!