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How to Create Engaging Social Media Graphics with Fotor

Halloween is around the corner and if you are looking for a way of making things special, I doubt there are any other tools that will rival Fotor. It is an online platform for editing photos. Its developers say you can consider it the online Photoshop, and they are right. I have used the software and my, it’s a very simple but powerful tool. I promise you, the effects you’ll be able to add to your photos using this amazing software will make a name for you among your friends and strangers on your favorite social media site. Let me show you.

Talk About Intuitive and User-Friendly!

If you have ever used anyphoto editingsoftware, you’ll find this one very intuitive. And by photo editing software I don’t necessarily mean anything high class and professional like Photoshop, I literally mean ANY photo editing software, even the simple one on your phone…even if it is a Symbian based phone. Yes, Fotor is one of the simplest but robust photo editing software you’ll ever use. Once you launch the software online, it starts by showing you the basics to get you started. And the basics are very simple. It took me around 30 seconds to find my radar and start editing. I went with a simple Halloween effect just to show you what this app can do. It has facial recognition, which enables it to apply some zombie or stitches effects quite accurately.

Tip: to apply Halloween effects using the software, choose a photo with the face looking straight at the camera rather than looking away. Some with the face looking away may work but you’ll have to be creative with those.

Here is a taste of what this photo editing master can do for you:

When you launch the software online, this is the first interface you’ll interact with. Most of its features will be disabled until you add a photo.

Well, consider the prompt and click open to add a photo. You have various options (Your Computer, Fotor cloud, Dropbox, or Facebook) for determining where to pick a photo. I chose one from my computer and as a soon as you open the photo in the software for the first time, it will show you the basics of what the buttons you see on the interface do.

If you already know your way around, you can click the “Got it” button and the tutorials will disappear. Otherwise, if you are new to the software, you’ll find the simple tutorials beneficial. They are straightforward. It took me only 30 seconds to go through them and know what to do. The next thing I did after I was done with the tutorials was experiment. So…

Halloween is almost here; therefore, it is the theme of the website and for the same reason, the Halloween effect is the default “Effect” that’s available when you first launch the app within this season. I went with it to see what I can do. I chose the stitches “Effect” and with that simple selection, my image was transformed into what you see above. It is quite accurate due to its facial recognition feature. I wanted to try out a few more things…and…

Under the Halloween effects, there are stickers for the same theme. Above, I added the mask. I wasn’t going for anything fancy…just trying to see what I could do.

Here I wanted to add the dragon/ demon/ snake/ or evil cat’s eye (whatever you wanna call it) to her forehead but since the mask sticker was taking up too much of her facial real estate, I thought it would be interesting to place it on her neck instead.

And that was just one effect, among the many features this software has. You are only limited by your creativity. Please note that I added these features just by clicking, dragging, and dropping. You can do amazing professional effects using this software.

Fotor comes with various templates for different occasions, useful tools for tweaking things your way, and amazing features that enable you to achieve just the effect you want to bring out. If you are an amateur and you need a software that will enable you to do amazing photo effects without breaking a sweat, look no further. If you are a professional and need a quick and robust tool for enhancing your photos, you are home.

If you have any questions, please ask below!