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Housekeeper.com Review

frgwFinding some down time between a full-time job and family can be very difficult sometimes. Between play dates, meetings and household chores many parents are constantly feeling burnt out and tired. The solution many have gone with is hiring a housekeeper.

House cleaners can work miracles for a family – and breathe fresh air into a house in disarray! They can perform all the tasks that constantly never get done like cleaning the oven or fridge.

But finding the right housekeeper for your household can be quite the challenge. There are definitely many different factors to consider – which days will my housekeeper come in? How frequently do I want them to clean? Do I also want them to look after my kids or pets from once in awhile? Those looking for house cleaning often have specific requirements that make it difficult for families to find the right housekeeping just through word-of-mouth from their neighbours or referrals alone. Sometimes the search will leave you thinking that you will never find the right housekeeper.

Enter Housekeeper.com as the solution. For over five years Housekeeper.com has been helping both families and care providers find their perfect match. There is no other website that will have as many housekeepers in your area, making your search fast and easy. Creating a Housekeeper.com account will give you access to over one hundred thousand house cleaners!

Oftentimes, those seeking help around the house just need a wider selection of qualified housekeepers in their area to choose from.

If you’re eager for a house cleaner, you’ll find lots of people looking for housekeeping jobs in your area. And if you’re looking for a housekeeping job, you’ll find a ton of people looking for cleaning help on the website as well!

Here’s how the site works. On Housekeeper.com, you can either register as a housekeeper or a housekeeper seeker.

If you are looking for a cleaner near you, create a profile and a listing. Housekeepers will then respond to your listing, or you can simply browse cleaners yourself and message them as well! In your profile you can note which specifications you are looking for in a house cleaner in terms of hours needed per week, services needed or whether or not you’re willing to sponsor.

If you are a housekeeper looking for a job, create a profile and a listing. People looking for a cleaner can message you from your listing or you can search through those looking in your area and message them yourself. On your profile, you can put in your hourly/daily rate, what services you can perform and your location.

The average housekeeper wage can range from minimum wage to over $40 per hour so figuring out how to pay your housekeeper can be tricky. Many housekeepers have set prices but are also open to negotiation. Here are some house cleaning facts to take into consideration:

  • The average housekeeper pay in 2017 is $28.87 per hour
  • Housekeeper prices vary a lot by location – in Houston the hourly wage is $25.47 while in Dallas the average is only $22.68
  • Certain services like fridge and attic cleaning can drive up wages
  • Housekeepers with more experience get paid more – those with 15+ years in the cleaning industry charge an average hourly wage of $32.53

Ask your friends and neighbours as well what they usually pay as well to get a good benchmark number.

On Housekeeper.com profiles can be filtered according to the following factors:

  • Services provided (e.g. bathroom cleaning, dishes, childcare)
  • Work eligibility (e.g. criminal record check, references)
  • Transportation (e.g. does your housekeeper need a license/vehicle?)
  • Whether or not the housekeeper will bring their own supplies/equipment


  1. Unfortunately, housekeeper.com is not what it used to be.
    I had a profile up as a housekeeper and found two clients through this site. Back in the day when communicating with potential clients was free. Those days are over. Furthermore, the site sends “bite” emails to housekeepers acting as an interested party but answering such emails would require to “upgrade”. I tried that. Interested party was gone, membership was paid. This happened once with me, the second time they tried I deleted my profile.

  2. What is the culture like at the company?.2.Can you tell me about the team l will be working with?

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