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FavoriteWords.com-Web Review

Favoritewords is a new social network that connects people through their common words. It is a tool that can be used to improve your mood and help know yourself better. It helps you make the right career choice by using the power of words.

Words are the most powerful communication tools in one’s arsenal, they can be used to influence others and command situations. Everyone has a list of words he/she likes using in both formal and informal communication. They could be in one language or multiple languages. Favorite words develop from the kind of people you interact with, what you like, your aspirations and dreams, your background, your ambitions or even your fears. While all people have equal chances of adopting words, they mind mysteriously filters them and only adopts a few as favorite words. A combination of factors will lead you to prefer using certain words to others. Whichever the method you use to arrive at your favorite words, it is evident that they define your character, personality, interests and even your purpose. Most people like words that encourage them, dictate their emotions or create positive thoughts.

This new social platform helps people use their preferred words to not only understand themselves but also find new ideas and meet new friends. It creates a safe way to bring the words out and use them positively for self realization and personal development. Favoritewords.com uses a simple concept of identifying everyone's favorite words and then adding a bit of technology to sweeten the deal. It allows you to voluntarily list down your most favorite words and edit them as you wish. As long as words ring some bell inside you, they are good enough to be included in the list. This eventually helps you create your own vocabulary that you can always refer to. The system then stores those words and identifies other people with similar words they like, and then connects you with them. The entire exercise is interesting and fun.

There is no limit to the kind of words people like. They could be places, games, items, names, animals, name them. Now imagine yourself having a whole list of favorite words right in your fingertips rather than hearing them in conversations or spotting them sparsely in reading materials. Imagine meeting totally new people who like 90 per cent of those words. It's only nature that can come up with such a miracle.

There is no limit to the benefits of favoritewords.com. It is an addictive reality game that acts as a creativity booster, a diary, a mood lifter and social coach. It helps people evaluate themselves and know their weaknesses based on their word choice. The platform has a simple mobile app that helps identify the people you are connected with, so that you can interact further on other issues of life. It is also easy to use since it uses voluntary choice of words rather than specific word categories. You can register by following a simple free sign up procedure at www.favoritewords.com, and also share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsup to invite them to be part of this amazing experience.

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