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Export Contacts from iPhone to PC with Military Grade Encryption Method | DearMob iPhone Manager Review

If you have been relying on iTunes and iCloud to manage and backup your iPhone and iPad contents, I have good news for you: you don’t have to anymore. Thanks to DearMob iPhone Manager, you no longer have to be frustrated with the backup and storage limitations of iCloud. This app for both Mac and Windows computers has made managing the contents of your iPhone and iPad far much easier. It has powerful and convenient features, it’s surprisingly simple to use and incredibly secure. Don’t believe me? Read on!


Export and Backup your contacts

I want to start with one of its coolest features: DearMob iPhone Manager enables you to backup iPhone contacts to PC, with military grade encryption. It uses various encryption algorithms to make brute-force attack virtually impossible and batch enciphers every single file. Once your contacts have been backed up on your PC, they will stay encrypted and highly secure. The encryption method guarantees that your data will stay safe until you decrypt it yourself. No hacking attempts will be successful in any way, manner, or form. The export process is very simple. It involves two to three steps.

  1. Select the contact you want to export or backup
  2. Click Export (if you don’t want encryption).
  3. Or Select Export with Encryption (if you want encryption)

Besides, DearMob iPhone Manager allows you to export iPhone contacts as VCF, PDF, TXT, HTML, CSV or XML. You can just view the details of exported contacts on your computer (if not encrypt).

It’s as simple as that. And it’s not just your contacts that you can protect with encryption, any files you backup using the app can be encrypted.

Photo Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager enables you to transfer your photos to and from your iPhone or iPad – with the destination being your computer. And it does this far much better than using iCloud. We all know that uploading stuff to any cloud storage takes time, particularly if the files you are dealing with are large in size. With this app, this pain will be forgotten.

It enables you to transfer photos at super-fast speeds. It can transfer up to 100 4K photos in original quality in just 8 seconds. If you have dealt with such high-quality photos, you must agree that that is exceptional speed.

And if you often deal with HIEC photos, DearMob also enables you export and convert them to JPG. How convenient!

Please Don’t Stop the Music!

DearMob iPhone Manager is indeed an iPhone manager. If it’s content on your iPhone or iPad, it can handle it better than any other app out there. With it, you can import non-iTunes songs to your iPhone; export, edit, add, or delete playlists; and manage music files without downgrading the quality.

You can also convert OGG, WMA, FLAC, WAV and other non-Apple friendly music file formats to MP3 or AAC to play them in your Apple device. Even more, you can create and transfer ringtones without necessarily using iTunes.

What About Videos?

What if I said that the app enables you to transfer videos to your Apple device such that you can enjoy them offline? Yes, it can do that.

And that’s not all, the app also enables you to move and transfer 8k videos; delete videos recorded on Mac; auto rotate videos 90 degrees to match your preferred screen width; export 4k videos; recognize video files by format; convert non-Apple videos; and compress large videos file by up to 50% (imagine how much space you will save?)

Miscellaneous – As if that’s not enough

DearMob iPhone Manager also lets you handle iOS11 pages, KeyNotes, Numbers, and GarageBand files.

The app can also allow your Apple device to install Apps that are non-existent in App Store without using Jailbreak.

It also lets you use your Apple device like a USB drive so that you can easily transfer data to and from your computer.

And all these data transfers I’m talking about is done at high speeds; regardless of the nature of the data being transferred.

User Interface and Ease of Use

You don’t necessarily need a manual to use this app. It is very intuitive and the user interface is well designed. You want to do something? Just look at the available icons and you’ll see one that matches what you want to accomplish. And as you are clicking your way through, you’ll soon realize that whatever you wanted to do is already done. That’s how simple it is to use. Seriously, it’s that simple. In case you find anything challenging, click the following link for a quick user guide: https://www.5kplayer.com/user-guide/dearmob-iphone-manager-windows.htm#to1

There is both a Mac and Windows version of the app. Download the version that corresponds to the operating system you are using. Also, there is a free version and a paid version. Of course, the paid version is what will really unleash the full might of this awesome software. Managing your iPhone has never been easier. If you are skeptical, just download it and be amazed!

If you have any questions, please ask below!