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Enphold Phone Wallets & Cardholder iPhone Cases – Review

Amazing Leather. In ancient times, armies would equip their soldiers with armor before hunting trips, jousts, and full-scale battles. It was a necessary precaution whenever you put someone’s life on the line. This armor wasn’t just chain mail or plate armor, but alsoleather. That’s because leather is easy to work with and hardens into the shape you need. It can take a beating and roll with the punches. In our day, Enphold uses both 100% genuine leather as well as synthetic leather (you may have heard it called “vegan leather”) to protect your phone with the best cardholder iPhone cases available. They stand up to all the stress and strain of modern life while still retaining their shape over time. On top of all that, Enphold leather wallet cases look amazing in any setting, and make you iPhone stand out.

Shield your valuables with our top-grain, hand-treated leather, made by masters in leatherworking. With the best materials in the business, Enphold stops scratches and stains before they happen. Our cases are a safeguard from the modern day swords and spears: heavy rain and snow, spills, drops, and other hazards are no match for an Enphold case. With an Enphold around, you’ll come out victorious every time.

Great Cardholder Capacity.You already carry your phoneandyour wallet with you—what if you could make things simpler? A cardholder case for smartphones reduces the number of things to carry with you. Generally speaking, you’ll have your wallet with you on most outings, anyway. But lugging it around can become inconvenient, especially if what you’re wearing isn’t suited for carrying lots of items.

Packing both your wallet and phone into the same package can save you time and space. No need to find those items separately when that weekly shopping trip rolls around. Most people already carry their phone everywhere, anyway, so attaching your wallet to your iPhone makes perfect sense. You can’t forget your wallet if it’s always with you. You can leave your purse or pack at home when going out for a quick errand, confident your iPhone case wallet will store everything you need for shopping.

Most Enphold cases are guaranteed for at least two or three cardsper slot, and many of our cases have several slots. Your mileage may vary; some Enphold case owners tell us they’ve been able to fit as four cards in a single slot. These slots are as sturdy and reliable as the rest of the leather case, and they also work for more than just credit cards. Use Enphold’s cardholder cases to keep cash, gift cards, driver license, work ID, and library cards safe and easy to grab.

These card slots are the perfect blend between ultra-thin and ultra-reliable. If you want to keep them empty, they won’t take up much more space than a plain case would by itself.

One of our best models showcasing this flexibility isThe Executive. Made of 100% genuine leather,The Executiveis a thin, hand-crafted case with cardholder slots hand-stitched onto the back. It’s been optimized for quick access for the essentials. As with all of our cases,The Executiveis built to hold your valuables snugly. They won’t shift around during transport like overhead baggage on an airplane; the cardholder case is the perfect size for cards and cash.The Executiveis the perfect iPhone case for keeping your financial basics intact.

If you’re on the hunt for a model with MagSafe compatibility, there’s a very similar cardholder case for that, too. The Ally is a triple threat: a MagSafe compatible iPhone case, a phone wallet, and a strong case that protects against the elements.The Allyhooks you up to all your other MagSafe devices while shielding your valuables and phone from damage. Its hard case prevents scratches, stains, and spills before they even happen. You could also make the case forThe Allybeing a quadruple threat, since it does all that while still looking good.

The Folio in action. It’s our most popular case, and you can’t go wrong with the classics. (Not sponsored by American Express.)

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a heavy-duty wallet with all the bells and whistles, an Enphold cardholder iPhone case can handle that, too. We’ve got you covered with all the space you need.The Foliobrings the best in phone and finance protection. It’s a crowd pleaser, a fan favorite amongst Enphold owners.The Foliocomes equipped with three cardholder case slots, plus an extra pouch for cash and thin valuables.The Folioalso sports a slick cover that magnetically locks over your screen. That way, you can deploy the cover over your iPhone when it’s in your pocket. It also covers the camera screen, which is vital for snapping great pictures on the go.

On top of all these features, your iPhone has never looked better. Treat your favorite smartphone with the look of a lifetime. Enphold’s amazing aesthetic is one of the things we’re most proud of. An Enphold cardholder case protects your valuables with the refinement of upper-class charisma. Our top-grain hand-treated leather has the rugged charm of an old adventure map, because Enphold goes where you go. It’s how we deliver visual evidence that we only make products that we would use ourselves.

Want to protect your iPhone’s screen and camera? Our cases have got you covered there, too. On top of high-quality faux leather and second-to-none craftsmanship, Enphold also offers a premium lineup of screen protectors and camera protector. Not only that, but some of our cases even include a cover that closes over the front of the phone. Protecting your phone with these measures will help you win back your peace of mind. With amazing screen and camera protectors, along with a top-tier iPhone wallet case, you’ll get the whole package with Enphold.

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