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EG Dental Review

6As we had been contemplating going to dentists in Tijuana, we can across EG Dental clinic on the internet. My sister went first, and scoped it out.

This is a very modern facility, and the dentists did great work. Her teeth turned out great. She needed a couple of root canals as well as crowns on her front 8 teeth. The root canals were as painless as could be expected, and her smile looks gorgeous.

We recommend highly, this dentist in Tijuana Mexico. I also want to say that we found Tijuana to be a very enjoyable city. People had warned us that it would be dangerous, but we found nothing of the sort.

The people seen very laid back, and the experience was enjoyable. Tijuana is also located near the Ocean. We had a great time going to the town of Playas, which means "beaches".

There is a nice board walk there, where we you can drink coffee at a local coffee shop, while looking out at the waves hitting the beach.

Tijuana makes a great place for a dental vacation.

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