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DVDFab YouTube to MP3 Review – Download YouTube to MP3 Freely and Easily

YouTube is for many people the number one platform for enjoying internet content. Whether it’s old movies, funny compilations or original TV shows, YouTube has something to offer for everyone. But another major advantage of the platform is that you can use it to find pretty much any song you can think of. In fact, a lot of people use YouTube primarily for music because it’s free, allows you to create playlists, and has a wide variety of songs available.

The downside is that it’s not a great solution for listening to music on mobiles devices and it’s possible that some of the videos you add to your playlists might be removed from the website at some point. Luckily, there are many great pieces of software out there that offer YouTube to MP3 conversion tools that help you bypass such problems. Today we’re going to take an in-depth look at one such software known as DVDFab YouTube to MP3.

DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is a free software that allows you to download any video from YouTube and convert it to MP3 format. If that sounds pretty straightforward that’s because it is. This YouTube to MP3 converter is very simple to use and comes with a few nice features that are very helpful when trying to download entire playlists. Since MP3 is the most popular and widely used format for audio files, this means that all the songs you download will work on any modern device whether that’s a computer, smartphone, iPod or any other type of music player.

A YouTube to MP3 converter like the one offered by DVDFab is particularly useful to those who enjoy listening to music on their mobile devices. As you probably know already, the YouTube app needs to remain open at all times while a video is running, which isn’t exactly ideal. Apps like that tend to drain a lot of your battery and it’s not very helpful to keep YouTube open if all you want to do is listen to some songs. Not to mention the fact that the app constantly eats up your data plan. But with DVDFab YouTube to MP3, you don’t have to worry about that anymore because you can simply download the songs and play them at any time without having to connect to the internet.

As previously mentioned, using DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is very simple. Basically, all you need to do is copy the URL of the video you want to download and then click the Paste button in the upper left corner of the menu. The software will take one or two seconds to analyze the URL and then start the download. The video is automatically converted to MP3 during the download so once the process is complete you can immediately play it or transfer it to a different device.

Downloading a song with this YouTube to MP3 converter only takes a couple of seconds under normal circumstances but it all depends on how fast your internet connection is. The software does offer you the option of downloading the video faster but this feature is only available in the Pro version. However, you can try it on a few times with the free version so you can get a sense of how much of a difference VIP Speed can make.

As for downloading an entire playlist, the process is virtually the same. The only real difference is that you have to paste a link that’s already part of a playlist. Don’t worry about downloading playlists by accident because the software will first ask if you want to download the full playlist or just the video that’s currently playing. Just like in the first example, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 will automatically convert all the videos that are part of the playlist so all you have to do is wait until the download is complete. Downloading playlists is also only available in the Pro version but just like with VIP Speed, you can try it out for free.

Another feature that’s only available to Pro users goes by the name of Multi-thread Download. Under normal circumstances, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 can only download and convert one video at a time. You can add as many URLs as you want to the queue but each of them will only start downloading once the previous one is complete. By comparison, multi-thread download allows you to download up to five videos at the same time. Downloading multiple videos simultaneously is a bit slower but with VIP Speed the difference is negligible.

Regardless of how many videos you download, the YouTube to MP3 converter will also download any metadata related to it. This includes things like the name of the artist and the song, the cover art, album, year, and more. How much metadata gets downloaded depends on how much information there was to begin with. It’s a good idea to download YouTube videos that have all this information because the metadata will then show up when you’re playing the song on any compatible device.


DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is a great tool for music lovers who are tired of waiting for YouTube developers to improve their mobile app. Simply downloading your favorite songs is a much better option than playing them online and this software allows you to do just that. In addition, some of the extra features are nice to have when you’re trying to transfer entire playlists and store them locally complete with all the relevant metadata.

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