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screenIf you have spent countless hours creating, preparing and applying the finishing touches to an audio or video project, it is worth taking a few moments to consider exactly how your masterpiece will be available for viewing, sharing and downloading. If you simply want to upload your creation to the Internet and allow users to freely download and distribute it, digitaldownloading.co.uk can advise you about the most effective publishing channels-but this may not be suitable for businesses that need to generate an income from their content. Alternatively, the same team of skilled individuals can get your material published with a number of safeguards in place that prevent unauthorised viewing and copying, and your content will still be easily accessible for your intended audience.

Before audio and video content is uploaded and published online, the team at digitaldownloading.co.uk can assess the finished project to ensure that it will be easy to access and view. The master copies of audio and video files need to be encoded in a way that finds the perfect balance between overall broadcast quality and file size, and can create multiple versions of the same material that will be suitable for customers with different Internet connection speeds. In terms of the file format, they can also help you to create versions of the content that are compatible with specific devices, such as regular computers, smartphones and tablets-a necessary step to make your creation viewable on as many platforms as possible.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a vital layer of protection that needs to be added to any file that will eventually be downloaded to a device, and it ensures that users cannot simply pay to download a file and then send it on to other individuals. DRM systems work by adding a license file to a piece of hardware that is linked to the individual piece of content that has been purchased, and any attempt to play it elsewhere without the license file will fail. This method of protection is compatible with various types of audio and video files, and it prevents the mass unauthorised distribution of your work over the Internet.

Digitaldownloading.co.uk also has a range of tools at their disposal to prevent your material from being copied or used in any unauthorised manner, and this provides a comprehensive method of guarding your intellectual property. Once your material has been released for the whole world to access, it is vital that your self-created elements of audio and video content are not simply plagiarised for the benefit of other individuals, and there are powerful systems in place to detect this kind of illegal activity before it spreads.

For more information about how digitaldownloading.co.uk can process your finished content before it is released on the Internet, get in touch with their dedicated and experienced team for a detailed consultation. By applying these methods to make your projects as accessible and theft-resistant as possible, both your business and your customers will get the best possible experience.

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