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Clean My Android | Dr. Fone – Erase (Android) Review

There are various reasons you may want to erase the data on your Android phone; you could be selling it to get money for something else, you could be giving it to a relative or friend as a token of gratitude for being in your life or you could be donating the phone. Whatever valid reason you have for giving away your android device, it is customary to ensure you leave no private details or contents in it. And don’t think that simply erasing the data or contents will do the trick. Not even resetting the phone will do it because there is other software that can be used to retrieve the data when it is erased that way. You need something more effective; something like Dr. Fone – Erase (Android). Now that I’ve gotten your attention, this is what the software can do for you.

The User Interface

The software’s user interface is very straightforward and intuitive. As you can see from the screenshot above, the software has useful and convenient features for Android phones. In this case, we are interested in erasing data from an Android device. You should first connect your phone to your computer, start the application, and just click the erase icon as shown above. It’s that simple and I don’t think anyone needs a user manual to learn how to use this software. Even the screens that will follow are just straightforward. Once your phone is connected, you have the option to choose what you want to erase. Just select what you want to erase and that’s it. Simple.


Erase Everything

Your android device keeps a lot of data that can be used to tell a thing or two about your personal life. The apps on your phone keep track of your preferences, the things you like to do with them, and how you use them. Your web browser apps keep track of how you use the internet and the sites you like to visit. When you take photos and delete them, they are not really permanently deleted. With the right tools, there are people who can retrieve them and see who your friends and family members are, as well as the places you like to visit and things you like to do. Furthermore, there is still a way people can get your contacts and see the messages you have been exchanging with your social circle. Evidently, simply deleting these items will not work. And there is even other data on your phone, that you don’t and may never know about, that can be used to learn about your personal life. This may make you wonder, “How then can I effectively clean my android device?” That’s where Dr. Fone – Erase (Android) is a very useful software for Android devices.

Dr. Fone – Erase (Android) will enable you to wipe your Android device clean. This software will completely and permanently delete photos, messages, notes, call log/ call history, calendars, app data, apps, reminders, and any other private data on your android device. You should take note that I have stated ‘permanently’. That means the data or contents will be unrecoverable for eternity. This is a software you want to use when you are sure about what you are doing. If your goal is to wipe your phone clean such that it’s as good as new, then this app will do the trick.

Supports All Android Phones

The software works with all the current brands of Android devices: HTC, Google Nexus, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, ZTE, Sony, among others. It is also compatible with all Android OS versions; old or new. So, if you have an old android phone, you can still wipe it clean and do whatever you want to do with it. The developers of DrFone – Erase (Android) have also indicated that the software will keep being updated with time such that it will support later android devices and operating systems when they are introduced. You can think of it like it is here to stay and be useful to you as long as you need it.

Dr. Fone Erase (Android) is an excellent software for wiping your Android device clean and leave it as empty as it was when you first unpacked it. It is very effective and will permanently delete all private and sensitive data on your android device. It should be used only when you are sure you don’t want anything personal that’s related to you to be recovered from your Android device.

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