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Cex.io-Short Review

Cex.io is a commodity exchange market where customers can trade their mining facilities for a price that is set by the market forces of demand and supply. People can also trade on futures contracts for Bit fury chips, decrease or increase in chips or buy and sell GHashes.


Mining is basically the process of solving mathematical problems that leads to issuing of Bitcoin digital currency. The mining speed is measured in terms of hashes per second-the least amount of work that can be done by a minor. Application-Specific integrated circuit chips, ASIC, are designed specifically for BTC mining and are nowadays used to make the mining process quick and efficient.

This company helps people avoid the regular problems associated buying mining equipment such as breakage losses, covering for shipping costs, struggling with downtimes, annoying noises, connectivity problems, delivery delays and the need for cooling of power devices among other issues. Customers can purchase GHashes, a part of the company's mining infrastructure based in ASIC miners in the market, and instantly gain ownership without going through many processes. The purchased infrastructures are hosted at high end senders, and provide the buyer with constant mining speed rate with no installation, set up or maintenance from their end. They own income generating GHashes by just paying for basic maintenance costs such as space, upkeep and electricity. Customers can also take part in cloud mining, a concept hat allows them to form pools where their joint efforts can be rewarded greater incomes

While mining a passive way of earning Bitcoins, trading GHS allows customers to be involved in various trading processes where they can directly enjoy their own activity on Bitcoin commodity exchange. They can simultaneously do both trading and mining.

Users can also sell all or some of his GHashes at a beneficial price. GHashes are always on demand and hence sellers can be assured of getting ready buyers. As the company looks for a suitable buyer, the owner continues getting income from the rest of his/her calculating power. One can earn good profits from trading GHashes and hashing power.

Cex.Io also has a referral program where clients can earn more Bitcoins whenever they refer a friend. They receive 3 percent of the referred user GHahses balance on their bonus account. To facilitate this, the business offers quick links which can be distributed to friends through emails or social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. The links direct people to the site where they can sign up and join the program. When a friend signs up, the bonus is automatically transferred to your bonus account. It is non-transferrable, although they can be sold or used to redeem hardware. In case the referred user sells his GH/s, your GH/s bonus amount also decreases as well. This offer applies to users in good standing with the company and is only applicable where the referred user used your personal link for signing up. There is no limit to the number of bonus GH/s that can be rewarded for referrals.

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