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BulletVPN Review – Browse through the Internet like a King

The ever-advancing technology has made us more vulnerable to a number of threats. Though the living is becoming more feasible with these advancements and innovations, the adverse effects can be felt by the mankind. The modern-day innovations had made us prone to a number of risks. Like the gadgets can burst anytime, people get robbed on the internet, and any critical issue can arise in the modern day gadget. Out of all of these, the internet related issues are a big thing to worry.

The internet is the backbone of modern-day infrastructure, banks, offices, and most of the government and international bodies. There is a strong need to look after threats that are ongoing on the internet. Even, the common man is adversely affected by the internet threats like hacking, fishing of data, stealing credit card details, malware attacks, and many such issues. Though it is next to impossible to solve these issues, but most of the problems can be solved by the use of a Virtual Private Network, popularly known as VPN. Let us learn how a VPN can turn out to be a handy tool and which VPN to go for.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) – Why VPN and Which One to Go For

A VPN is a group of secured servers that works together to safeguard your privacy from all the spies and websites you browse while surfing across the internet. A number of organizations have already switched to VPN and many individuals are using a VPN too, just to make their browsing private and stay away from most of the threats that prevail on the internet.

A VPN can help you out to hide your IP address and surf through the web privately. Not only this, you can bypass the geo-restrictions and streams videos that are blocked in your country. No one will be able to detect your activities, not even your ISP. So, you can enjoy complete freedom using a VPN.

Now, the big question of the day is which VPN to go for. There are hundreds of the VPN providers available on the web and you can’t test the services of each of them. So, what to do? Which VPN is the best when it comes to services and customer satisfaction? If you trust me then I would recommend you to go for BulletVPN. Let’s have a brief insight about BulletVPN ahead.

About BulletVPN

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Based in Estonia, BulletVPN is an emerging VPN provider with thousands of customers in its clientele. It provides the cost-effective and reliable VPN solutions to all its users. Its users can surf through the web privately and no one will be able to detect their activities online, not even their ISP. BulletVPN ensures that every user gets complete freedom while browsing making the internet safe for them. It safeguards them against the prying eyes of the spies by who are constantly looking to break through the network firewalls hiding their IP address. You must try it for once.

Top Notch Features of BulletVPN

BulletVPN is packed with a plethora of features. It provides the cost-effective VPN solution to its clientele so that everyone can afford its plans easily. Here are some of excellent features of BulletVPN.

  • Access Geo-Restricted Content: You can stream the videos and browse the websites that are blocked in your region without the risk of getting caught by your ISP.
  • Vast Server Network: It has a good network of servers in 22 countries of the world and is still expanding. It makes use of high-grade carrier lines providing superfast speed to all the users connected to the servers. The protocols have negligible impact on the speed of the servers. Moreover, a user can make multiple server switches.
  • Smart DNS Technology: BulletVPN’s Smart DNS technology allows you to unblock the geo-restricted videos and stream them on devices.
  • Security: It uses the best protocols including PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP, IKEv1, and IKEv2 to ensure the user security. The military grade encryption prevents any data leakage to the spies. It also has a strict No-Logs policy that prevents information leakage to the third party.
  • Different Platforms Supported: The Windows and Mac users can use its VPN client efficiently on their computer/laptops. It also has its app for the Android and iOS mobile users. Moreover, BulletVPN has a dedicated VPN app for Amazon Fire TV and Fire stick which is available on the Amazon Store.

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  • Powerful Support: BulletVPN provides live support to its users unlike most of the VPN networks. Moreover, the support can be taken in 4 different languages including German, French, English, and Danish. The FAQs and tutorials are always there to help the users.

Why to choose BulletVPN?

BulletVPN advantages

BulletVPN is one of the topmost VPN providers in the world that is highly recommended to most of the users. Here are a number of reasons to go with BulletVPN.

  • Encrypts your traffic.
  • Hides your original IP address.
  • Lets you access geo-restricted content.
  • Download unlimited media files at blazing fast speed.
  • Shop from any website securely.
  • Surf through the web anonymously.

Pricing & Plans


As told earlier, BulletVPN is the cost-effective VPN solution for all its users. A user can avail the minimum plan starting from $7.50/month. It has three different plans to offer. The monthly plan costs you $10.98/month, the half-yearly plan costs you $9.16/month, and the annual plan costs you $7.50/month. If you have opted for its plan and are not happy with its services then you can ask for refund within 30 days of making your purchase.

The Bottom Line

BulletVPN has emerged as a powerful VPN provider around the globe. It has won trust of thousands of users in no time by providing the best services. The Smart DNS technology used by BulletVPN is a unique feature that is hardly offered by any other VPN provider. If you are looking to invest your money on VPN, BulletVPN can turn out to be an ideal choice.

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