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Bassey Enun buys houses in any part of Carson, CA


This is a real estate company based in Carson, California. We Buy CA Houses Fast with Cash helps homeowners to sell their houses within the shortest period for cash. It is run by Bassey Enun, a real estate investor who has been purchasing houses in Carson for several years. The company meets the Federal Fair Housing law requirements.


This company offers the most convenient, fast, and friendliest solution for people who want to sell their homes. Homeowners get flexible solutions that meet their unique needs. There are no restrictions in terms of the reasons why you want to sell.

We has easy access to cash and this means that buyers do not have to wait for long to sell their houses. We do not require any financing from banks and this makes house selling and buying very sexy and fun. The best attributes of this company is that they understand the kind of frustration that a homeowner experiences when they want to sell their house to get quick cash. Do not stress out we have you covered since our main focus is the customer (the seller).

WE buy houses in any part of CA and beyond. We will purchase the house in any condition,as-is,any location any price range. We ensure you get a cash offer within 48 hours. For more info visit our site www.webuycahousesfastwithcash.com. You will be treated professionally

Selling Process

When you decide to sell your house, you can visit www.webuycahousesfastwithcash.com and fill out the simple form on the home page. On this form, you will be required to enter your first name and primary email. You can also enter your cellphone number but this is optional. Once you have entered 2 or all of the required info you can click on the "Buy My Home" option on the form. The company does not sell or trade any of the information that you provide on the form. When you fill the form, you will be contacted within 24hrs

You will enjoy a special bonus after filling in the form. Instant access to a free report that will teach you, "How to Sell Your House Within 10 Days."

You can also contact them directly by phone. After a couple of questions they will determine a cash offer for your house in 24hrs. They can also arrange to meet with you and make a fast cash offer to purchase your home. The deal will be closed at a date that is convenient for you.

When to Use the Company

We Buy CA Houses Fast with Cash buys homes for various reasons. The company will buy your house if you are facing foreclosure, relocating or after you lose your job and you need some cash. If you have recently inherited a property that you are not interested in, you can sell it for quick cash. Do you want to do seller financing? We can help

Webuycahousesfastwithcash.com will buy your home if you are a landlord who wants to sell off some properties. If you are currently going through a divorce, you can use the company to get a quick sale. This company is a good alternative if you do not want to deal with real estate agents to sell your house. Buyers can also be frustrating especially if you come across picky ones. We Buy CA Houses Fast with Cash eliminates this kind of concern.

It is important to note that this company is an independently operated real estate investing business with no agency services. The company purchases properties for profits to ensure sustainability. For this reason, there are no commissions or hidden fees to pay.

Selling Price: When you get in touch with them at www.webuycahousesfastwithcash.com t hey will consider various factors before making a CASH offer for your house. They will factor in the condition of your house, repair costs, current market conditions , and how fast you want to close. He together with his team have a combined experience of more than 30years and they will always make offers that are a win-win for both parties(seller buyer) So if you are looking for an easy and guaranteed cash sale for your property, We Buy CA Houses Fast with Cash is the best option for you. There are no commission charges and you get a quick written CASH offer in as little as 48 hours and a 10 day closing. For more info visit www.webuycahousesfastwithcash.com and someone will get back to you.

As cash buyers there will be no bank or agent commission involved. We buy as- is, where is so you don't need to worry about repairs. We provide free consultation for those in foreclosure and we can TAKE OVER PMTS on mutually acceptable terms. Are you making payments on a house you can no longer afford? Been transferred and need to sell fast? Making double payments? Facing Foreclosure? Inherited an unwanted home? Divorce? No equity? House simply won't sell? Contactus, we can help!

This is what the owner of webuycahousesfastwithcash.com shared with us, exclusively for our readers:

We strife hard to be a community driven business. We want to raise awareness in the community to the fact that when their house problem look like they are between the sea and the devil, they should not just give up because there could be less damaging options open to them. If they call us we will give them free consultation and education to better equip them free of charge

We realize that statistics shows that 81% of the United States adult population will not qualify for a home loan due largely to issues with their credit due to mistakes they made earlier on in their lives and or the downturn economy.

Consequent on this, members of this 81% adult group, some of whom have worked themselves to better financial capabilities through good paying jobs, successful business owners etc. are unable to realize their American dream due to credit issues. We see this as an unacceptable phenomenon taking place in the wealthiest country of the world and a call to duty.

How we do it?:

We simply buy houses and we sell some of them to this group through creative financing; In most cases we will act as the bank ( but we do not touch or even look at your credit).We allow them to first rent the house before buying it by option down the line say 2 years.

That gives the individual enough time to repair his credit and approach the bank for conventional loans. We do not bother even if your credit is crimson red no problem!! Even if you have foreclosure or bankruptcy in your record no problem! Your job, business or financial capability is your credit and what matters to us the most Q.E.D. Community benefits because that will reduce the number of vacant homes, Decrease homelessness of the " financially capable"; Improve on security by decreasing hiding places for hoodlums. Pride of ownership and stabilization of affected families; consequently stabilization of the neighborhood,

That way one family at a time we can put Americans back into the vacant homes all over the country

We operate our VIP referral program where we partner with you if you refer a seller to us and we purchase the house we pay a certain % of our profit to you no matter where you are in the US. Call the number 424-2602800 or register on our site for more info on this program

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So, Do you have a house you are looking to sell quick? Visit: http://www.webuycahousesfastwithcash.com/

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