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An Intrinsic Review of Chatwing

In recent years, there has been a dramatic surge of online platforms. This sudden rise is supported by a parallel growth of online users. Everything seems to be in sync, but things start falling apart when site visitors start commenting on the website. In fact, if you want an immediate reply from the site owner, then you can just leave a comment on the website and hope to receive a quick reply. If the owner monitors the site round-the-clock, then you can expect immediately, else you will have to wait for an eternity. Such a situation not just affects the site visitors, but it is a worrying factor for the site owner too. A simple remedy for dealing with this situation is to set up a live feature like Chatwing on the site.


Chatwing is a free chat widget, which is not only easy-to-use, but can be easily installed on your blogs and websites. It is a user-friendly tool, which offers the user an easy option to communicate with the site owner or others on the website/forum. The interface of this widget is so smooth that both the parties can have an enjoyable experience. Let’s discuss some key aspects of this chatting tool.

Registration: This chat software comes with a socially integrated interface for login, which allows new users to join an ongoing conversation. You can create a Chatwing account by completing the registration form on the website. But, you need not worry because the entire process will take less than a minute. You just need a valid email and password. Also, in order to join a conversation, you can use an existing Facebook Twitter, Google, or a Chatwing account.

Customization: Users can even customize the chat room according to their convenience and requirement. Given the options to choose from, you can extensively modify the chat room. In fact, the Chatwing widget allows you to set your pic as the display picture, thereby adding human touch to the tool. You can add music within the chat software and make the chatroom interesting.


Dashboard: Once you complete the registration process, you will be directed to the dashboard section. Here, you can begin the journey to chat and communicate. In the dashboard, you can create a new chatroom or manage all those chat rooms, which have already been created by you.

Monetization: An interesting aspect of this platform is that it allows you to earn. Chatwing integrates with Google Admob ads, so you can drop the code in your Chatwing dashboard, and the advertisements will start getting displayed and Google will pay you accordingly. Apart from this, you can also upload your own ads and then sell the ad space on your dashboard. This is a one of its kind customization feature of Chatwing.

Security Feature: Site owners always have a hard time dealing with abusive users and spammers. As this chatting tool is available free of cost, so the possibility of spam and derogatory is higher. In order to prevent such instances, you can avail Chatwing’s security option. Also, you need not worry about its usage because the security system is designed such that even those with no security knowledge can secure the app from spammers.

The chatrooms also have a special feature, which allows a user to ban people from an ongoing conversation by a mere click on the ban button. Using this option, you can even delete the messages of banned users. Spammers would have resort to an alternative logging in option because Chatwing allows you to even block their IP addresses. In order to prevent profanity, you can set filter for such words. These features go a long way in making the user-experience hassle-free.

Apart from the group chat and DYI mobile app builder platform, Chatwing also has a desktop app builder. You can use it to build your own Desktop Windows and Mac OS X applications. Chatwing offers 100s of features free of cost, and you have to pay $14 per month for unlimited usage. Given the features and customer experience, Chatwing is ideally suited for group chat room for websites.

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