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ambivoNowadays, with all the technology we have at our disposal, the issue is not lack of social interactions but the quality of it.

How do we control and convey our preferred method of interacting with others?

Current Platforms like social media, Emails, Chat groups, SMS - distract our ability to have a focused & meaningful interaction that preserves context and chronology. That's where Ambivo comes in.

Ambivo streamlines social interactions between People and Business by providing a single portal where we can specify our preferred channel of interaction be it "Active Communication" like-Live Chat, Email, SMS, Video-Call or the "subtle forms of communication" like sharing a multi-media slideshow, creating a Posting or notice for events (birthdays, anniversaries, classified etc.).

This provides an uncluttered single interaction portal for both inbound and outbound communication without having to login/logout of different emails and social media accounts.

As an Example - Sarah is a busy professional and a mother. She runs a Gift Shop. Her preferred way of communicating with her family is through Instant Messaging and Video Chat. She can stay connected with her kids and know their location via the Location based Messaging App.


However for the business her preferred channel of interaction is Email and SMS. For this she uses Ambivo Connect feature on her business site where patrons can send her orders or inquiries via SMS or Email without her having to disclose her Email-address or cell-number but still be able to get the context, location and attributes of the person who interacts.

She can also use Ambivo's location based posting to list personal events (like Birthday parties) or Promote Business Events (like Promotion or Sale). She can also leverage passive interaction like the ability to create media slideshows to share slideshows of family-events or product displays seamlessly - all from one single portal of interaction.

Ambivo delivers social interactions via:

  • Chat & Messaging
  • Location based postings-: this is like a public notice - it can be an announcement, an advertisement, an invitation for an event, or a listing; you choose!
  • media - pictures, videos, slideshows

If you have any questions, please ask below!