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AlterCam – Software Review

AlterCam is a virtual camera by Bolide Software company that allows you to add special effects, graphics, and different types of animations when videochatting online. Also, the software features different ways to adjust or even change your voice during a web conference or when talking with your friends via Facebook or Skype. Such effects are very easy to be done in recorded videos, but when it comes to live videochat, things are not that straightforward and it is here where AlterCam comes into play.


The software installation is very easy, all you have to do is to follow the steps and, in a matter of a couple of seconds, it gets installed on your PC. No additional setups or configurations are needed.


  • AlterCam offers a dozen of live effects, animations, GIF images, etc. that you can use in your live chat with friends or colleagues.
  • AlterCam allows you to adjust or even change your voice completely in real time.
  • AlterCam can broadcast pre-recorded videos and also the screen of your computer on the webcam.
  • AlterCam can be used in a variety of chat applications such as Facebook or Skype.

The interface

The graphic user interface is intuitively built, allowing easy use and quick access to functions and features.

  • The first thing you will notice when opening the software is that it starts broadcasting to the virtual cam. In order to record a video, use the Capture button on the top menu. The video is then saved on your computer or you have the option to upload it to YouTube.
  • The next button allows you to take snapshots of a video – a static picture at a specific point of a video.
  • The Source Camera drop-down box allows you to select the source of your video. The options are: Web cameras, IP cameras, Videos, and Screen (your desktop screen).
  • Camera Options allows you to change some basic settings such as language, video settings, save path, and more.
  • Write to us button allows you to contact the vendor directly and obtain technical assistance.

Adding effects to your videos

The right panel offers a variety of options: effects, overlays, background, audio options, tricks, scenes.

  • The Effects tab allows you to choose different video effects for your webcam, which will change the look of the video you broadcast. The effects can also be applied exclusively to those areas of the video that you select or to the entire area.
  • The overlays are some kind of frames that can be added to the video while playing. Plenty of options are available.
  • The background tab allows you to change the background of the video to something you choose.
  • In the Audio tab, you can make adjustments to the microphone, settings like denoising, and sound normalizing. Also, you can change your voice.
  • In the Tricks tab, you can add effects such as blurring a specific area of the video, curving a video, etc.
  • In the Scenes tab, you can save different scenes for further use, rename, or delete scenes.

Download AlterCam athttps://AlterCam.com/

Price and licensing

AlterCam can be bought under any of three licensing options: single license ($39.95 for home use only on max 2 computers), family license ($59.95 for home use only and on up to 6 computers), business license ($199.95 for commercial use and on an unlimited number of computers).

The fee is a one-time payment, granting access to free updates, instant activation code delivery, no limitations.

Also, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee in case the software does not live upon your own expectations.


AlterCam is a great option for adding a wide range of video and audio effects when videochatting with friends. Give it a try today and let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

If you have any questions, please ask below!