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Advantages of Using The Fivesquids Service

fivesquidsFivesquids is a community where students looking to showcase their skills or freelancers and moms working from home in all creative areas or fields can join to boost their earnings.

Designed as a micro-jobbing site and online community, Fivesquids allows its members to have fun and share whatever they are willing to do while earning money from their skills. The site was launched by Terry Koutsios - The Chief Executive in 2011.

For prices ranging £5 to £20, people may actually buy or sell online services. This community is basically an online job center where more than a few outsourcing experts sell their services, work from home and enjoy doing their work. In two years from its launch, this website has attracted more than 25,000 active members-engaged in trading with each other everyday.

Fivesquids is a great platform for both experienced individuals and young entrepreneurs. The platform is quite quick and simple and it is ideal for all those with expertise and skills such as freelance professionals, work at home moms and students.

Advantages of Using Fivesquids

– It is a community where people can register and post their services or skills for free.

– Buyers pay in advance for their orders

– Once an order is completed, the website credits seller instantly.

– Sellers have the opportunity of withdrawing their revenues to a PayPal account of their choice for a smooth and safe transaction.

– The revenues of a seller are returned to the buyer when an order is canceled for any reason whatsoever.

– It is easy to get assistance from many professionals at affordable prices.

– It is an avenue for members to share whatever they are willing to do for £5, £10, £15 or even £20 for more complex tasks.

– It is a great place where people can make money while they are out of work.

– The website is easy to use and has a quick administrative support.

Why Fivesquids is Useful for Internet Users?

Let's consider some examples:

– Internet users have the possibility to buy services like building mobile versions for their websites, converting their existing blogs into Android Apps-with features like messaging and social media integration.

– The users may also take advantage of funny services offered by Fivesquids members, for example: making their pet photo to say what they want it to say.

– Another example, a professional TV presenter/Actress with more than 30 commercial recorded videos will record a glowing 60 seconds video testimonial or voiceover.

– It is a great way for marketers to expand their businesses through social networks.

– Freelance writers may use the site to write unique SEO articles for amounts ranging from £5 to £20.

– Users may consider services like proofreading, editing as well as commenting on any particular Word Document.

– Users may also hire graphic designers-ready to make quality logos for their clients in less than 24 hours at affordable prices.

With all these benefits of Fivesquids, it is a good place to earn extra money in-between work. To find out more, visit Fivesquids.com today.

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